September LIB Agenda

September 24, 2020

Roll Call

  • Approval of August 27, 2020 minutes.
  • 9/24/2020 LIB cases to review (2 continued, and 16 new cases, 2 of which are related):
  1. LI-20-107: Kyle Twenter, L 108: Replace existing double shore station 10’x10′ with EZ Boatport 7’x14′.
  2. LI-20-085 C: Mike Cash, T 74: Install 4′ fence for inground pool per city code. Case continued to September at no additional cost; placement of the pool will be considered as an issue that came up at the August meeting.
  3. LI-20-090: Todd Phillips, TL 30 A: Tear down both 12′ & 20′ storage sheds. Put new pre-built shed from lofted utility style.
  4. LI-20-106: Troy Stottlemyre, T 80: Replace existing plastic shed with a wood shed resembling the other wood shed on property.
  5. LI-20-092 B: Elizabeth Hawkins, G 40: Connecting dock purchased from B 6 to mine and replacing dock at G 41, creating a larger shared dock.
  6. LI-20-092 A: David Lester, G 41: Joint dock with G 40.
  7. LI-20-095: Patricia Beets, T 31: Remove and replace existing wood stairs to lake. All materials will be brought in by boat.
  8. LI-20-096: J.R. Meinders, W 14: Would like to make current 8′ slip width 10′. Current dock width is 40′ proposed would be 42′.
  9. LI-20-098: Jeremy Baker, W 33: Expanding dock to include a double well & upper deck.
  10. LI-20-097: Karin Porter-Williamson, N 51: Re-do same footprint of entry deck on house, deck on back of house. Retaining wall addition, regrading to flatten the ground. Repair of steps down to dock (same footprint).
  11. LI-20-099: Ken & Gina Spengel, S 50: New seawall, boathouse, patio, stairs on lake side terrace at waterfront. Part of walkway within property lines; majority of project on parkway.
  12. LI-20-101: Mike & Jodee Sigsbee, Z 25: Rebuild existing structure & attach to house. New retaining walls, footings & structure. New attached gazebo & garage.
  13. LI-20-105: Robert Grant, Z 21: Relocate shore station (that is currently at Z 19) behind new dock at Z 21.
  14. LI-20-059 C: Robert Grant, Z 23: Site plan considerations for new house and garage re-build. Continue to the August meeting at no additional cost to the applicant to get new drawings for clarity. Applicant to provide city-approved variance for detached garage. At August meeting LIB approved the footprint of the house only, not including the boathouse or the parking at the road. Before patios are approved, a new, correct survey should be submitted before improvements outside of the house footprint shall be approved.
  15. LI-20-100: Sharon Diffey, S 006: Replace deck, add roof and screen in deck.
  16. LI-20-091: Chad Risinger, T 58: Tear out the dangerous steps leading to the docks servicing T 058 & T 052. Replace with concrete or wood and remove a dying tree.
  17. LI-20-103: Tyler Hahn, SA 003 A: Purchasing CSW from L 205 to replace sailboat lift.
  18. LI-20-104: John Bowen, X 19 B: Replacing the siding & roof of boathouse. Making minor repairs inside replacing rotten wood.


  • Adjourn