2023-2024 Board of Directors

Call the Office at 816-578-4272 or email info@lakelotawana.net for director contact information.

DISTRICT                                     MEMBERSHIP AREA                                                                              OFFICE                                                NAME

1 A6-45 A TR A -F Bryan Macey
2 A-1-5, A46-51, B1-16, B43-51,B TR A Perry Anderson
3 B17-42, B TR B,C, C1-8, C102-110 Vice President Jeff Moore
4 C9-37, C84-101 Rob Lewis
5 C38-59, C68-83, C TR A-D Dave Dunn
6 C60-67, E and F  Blocks,  FTracts Frank Wolfson
7 G1-24, G36-74, G TR 1-5 Secretary Chris Lang
8 G25-35, G75-79, I TR A-F, J, I1-8, I31-37 Steve Fritz
9 H1-5, H96-101, H TR A, I9-30, I38-70 Tim Wahl
10 H6-28, H81-95, H107-114 Patrick Gude
11 H29-80, H102-106 Mike Miller
12 T70-76, T133, U, WR David Adamczyk
13 T50-69, T77, T134-182, T TR A-F Roads Tim Gravlin
14 T12-49, TL4-18 Don Leven
15 T1-11, T93-132,TL1-3, TL19-30 Treasurer Michael Gossman
16 S51-88, T78-92,  SA11-12 Ways & Means Nancy Myers
17 S7-50, SA1-10, SG5-8 President Jeff Clemow
18 S1-6, SG1-4, R79-103 Sharon Diffey
19 R32-78, R132-140, R201-202, R TR 1&3-9 Jeff Chapman
20 R1-31, R104-121 Roger Hibbard
21 K1-32, L1-17, L116-122, L129-131 Hal Cosgrove
22 L18-46, L123-128, L132-143 Amy McVay
23 L47-82, L144-154, L200-217, L TR A & C-F Maria Dempsey
24 L83-115, L218-237, L TR B,  M1-4, M74-76 Kyle Twenter
25 M5-39, M77-126, M TR A & B David VanRaden
26 M40-73, M127-153 Brad Barnhart
27 N1-26, N68-74 Austin Chamberlin
28 N27-67-N75-82, N  TR A&B Michael Morlan
29 O, O TR A&B, P4-26, P98-119, P TR B-E Tommy George
30 P1-3, P95-97, V23-24, V35-79, V TR A Enviro & Water Dave Williams
31 V1-22, V25-34, W33-36, W69-72 Bruce Fate
32 W5-32, W37-68, W TR. A-C Chris Ridler
33 W1-4, X12-32, X40-61, X TR A-E Alan Switzer
34 X1-11, X33-39, Y26-37, Y68-80,Y TR A-B Rules & Regs Dave Cooley
35 Y1-25, Y38-67, Z45-68 Greg Clagett
36 Z22-44, Z69-93 Spencer Brackman
37 Z1-21, Z94-107,Z TR A-C Robert Harris