Martin Property


The Martin property provides a benefit to owners of land within the Lake Lotawana Association. It can be used to dispose of yard waste. Any waste that is bagged must be in a paper recyclable bags. No plastic bags are allowed. Branches and tree trunks can only be dropped off if not more than 4” in diameter. There are specific drop off areas for each type of debris. You must contact a volunteer to gain access into the Martin property. They must be with you when dropping off the waste. Please recognize that these are volunteers and do not expect someone to be available immediately upon calling them. Employees of the Association are not allowed to give access to members during their working hours.  Plan in advance and make arrangements to meet them at the Martin property. Please be courteous and only call between 9:00 Am and 7:00PM.

Michelle Anderson 816-578-5718
Brad Barnhart 816-578-2233
Dwane Ficcadenti 816-830-8896
Dave Higdon 816-774-3513
Eric Johnson 816-522-5854
Allen Mountain 816-878-7067
Nancy Myers 816-578-5786
Peggy Rudder 816-309-9578
Dave Williams 816-875-8646
Jeff Moore 816-578-4944
Mike Morlan 816-589-7134


Please respect the above volunteers’ time when calling.