9/9/20 – Association News

The Lake Lotawana Community showcased its resourcefulness and ability to thrive in the ever present covid environment by holding once again its annual Lake Lotawana Days on August 22nd. A huge debt of gratitude and thanks go out to Kim Duncan and Jenny Shea-Fritz, as well as the many other volunteers and participants who were involved in the festive events of the day. It was a day to remember and just further evidence of why so many people want to live at the lake. I would be remiss if I failed to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Kyle Twenter for arranging the aerial formation and fly-over. The precision and thrill of seeing those planes was definitely a highlight of the day. So Kyle, we hope you know that you will be called upon each year to make the fly-over a reoccurring part of the Lotawana Days. Many thanks also go out to Melissa Chamblin and Craig Davis for the wonderful ski show. It is so gratifying to watch the results of so many hours of practice and dedication that it most assuredly takes to perform the way those skiers do. Thank you all so very much for your efforts.

In addition to Lotawana Days, there are many other things happening around the lake. There have been over 90 real estate transactions closed thus far in 2020. If the trend continues, a record is certainly within our sight. The new culvert system at the area of W46 was installed successfully and timely. Thank you to ICON Grading and Construction, Inc., and its President Colby Visquain, for working so many long hours to make sure the deadline for the project was timely met. A big thanks goes out to his entire construction team as well for a job well done.

With success sometimes comes failure, and I personally own a failure related to the culvert project. It relates to the trash schedule modification and the people whose trash and/or recycling that was not picked up. Because we had to get the trash trucks out of the way for the culvert construction project (they cannot cross the dam with their big trucks), all trash from the dam south to the W46 area had to be picked up by 8 am the Monday morning the project started. That necessitated trash schedule changes to the entire lake. Unfortunately, posting this schedule change on Facebook and on the Association website is not enough, and for that I apologize. I assure you we are working on other more inclusive ways of notifying the lake community of events and important matters. I personally take full responsibility for this shortcoming and I again apologize to all members who were adversely affected. I have told the Association team that when things go right, they get all the credit but when things go wrong, I personally own it as Executive Director. Thank you for your understanding.

On another not-so-positive note, there has been someone who has been unlawfully stealing gas from boats on the lake. This conduct will not be tolerated; it is completely unacceptable. We are investigating several options of increased surveillance. However, it is more likely going to your private security cameras or other recording devices that ultimately will lead to apprehension, prosecution and conviction of these people. I assure you that we will cooperate with local authorities to prosecute those persons to the fullest extent of the law, whether it be a misdemeanor, or if we can tie together multiple instances, a felony. Don’t you wish if someone was destitute and needed gas, they would just ask for help rather than resort to this type of conduct? Please call the Lake Lotawana Police and/or the Water Patrol if you see someone stealing gas. Also report those events to the Association office so we can track the dates, addresses and times. Working together we will stop these illegal acts.

Ron DeCombes, our Water Patrol officer, is rolling out short instructional videos that will be posted on the Association website related to some of the rules and regulations affecting the lake and surrounding areas. Please be looking for those videos in the coming weeks and months.

Management, along with Ways and Means Committee and the entire Board of Directors, will soon embark upon the budgeting process for next year so that it will be ready to present to you in a couple of months.

As I pointed out in my last article, SAFETY is at the top of the list for your entire Association team, as well as all of us who make up this lake community. It was heartbreaking to learn of the recent drownings of children at neighboring Longview Lake, as well as a local river. Our heartfelt prayers go out to those families during their time of loss. Thank you so much for being focused on the safety of all who enjoy our lake environment and with the Labor Day Holiday weekend at our doorstep let’s keep safety as our number one priority.

If we can ever be of service to you, please visit the Lake website or give us a call at the Association office. In addition, my email is haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net and my phone number is 913.305.7181 if you need to contact me directly. Be safe! Harold