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9/23/20 – Association News

Yet another Summer is in the record books for Lake Lotawana. Labor Day weekend was filled with many boaters, fun family gatherings and other events around the lake. Except for the deluge of rain that just kept coming right over the lake area, it was a great Holiday weekend! For many it was the last hurrah before schools began, and now Fall stares at us with a vengeance. Thanks to all for being safe!

So, I am sure the question comes to mind for some – what in the heck does the Association office do now?  Well, here is a quick summary of what is on our plates. The budgeting process will be underway by the time this article is published. Many meetings will occur with the Board Ways and Means Committee in order to hash out the funds needed to provide a quality and timely service to you, the members. That work product will then be sent to the Board for its review and approval, culminating in a presentation and approval by you at the annual budget meeting. For those of you who have never attended such a meeting, please know you are most welcome! Stay tuned though as Covid may throw us a curve ball this year as to how and when such a meeting will occur.

The administrative office will also begin its efforts regarding the annual billing and registration of boats. That is no easy task as we are now over 100 real estate transactions this year, with many new owners. The number of boats, both motorized and otherwise, exceeds 3,600 in number. Not only that, this year offered us the opportunity to register many new and different boats for the members. The staff will also continue its efforts to scan into electronic form all of the paperwork that has accumulated in the office over the years.

A new feature of this article will be to include, at times, some information about the rules and regulations, deed of restrictions and By-laws that affect our daily lives. If you do not like this idea just let me know. The first topic is the parkway. It is owned by the Association and is strictly controlled as far as what you can and cannot do on it. A permit is necessary for any proposed change to it. As you mosey around the lake in your boat, you will notice that some houses and other structures are not uniformly situated as it relates to closeness to the shores of the lake. Below is an illustration of how the parkway can vary from lot to lot. In fact, it can vary from actually being located at water’s edge to many feet away from the shoreline. The illustration below is not exact, but it does provide you an example of the variation that occurs around the lake as it relates to the parkway and its size in front of your lot.



On another note, please remember that the speed limit around the lake is 25 mph in most locations. Please, please observe the speed limit. I know I have been passed many times by people traveling the opposite direction and they are most assuredly traveling faster than the speed limit.

If any of the Association team can ever be of service to you, please visit the Lake website ( or give us a call at the Association office at 816.578.4272. In addition, my email is and my mobile number is 913.305.7181 if you need to contact me directly. As always, be safe! Harold