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7/20/17 Patrolling the Pond

Greetings and salutations……. Warm weather is upon us now, however, the evenings have been great and the full moon out has been fantastic on the Pond.  I’ve noticed several photo shots on Facebook……it’s our slice of heaven!

The summer seems to fly by, it’s hard to believe that the kids will be back in school next month, but there is still plenty of great boating ahead.

I still can’t believe the low crowds out on the weekends; however, I’m not going to complain.  Goat Hill still seems very quiet with limited traffic as well.  It’s rather ironic that we have a record number of watercraft licensed this season and fewer boats out, go figure.

Other good news is that there have been no reports of weeds growing this season and limited amounts of Zebra Mussels found on docks.  Some individuals have complained about the clarity of the water, but I believe this is one reason for the depletion of the mussels and weeds.

Citations are still growing. We stand at 225 as of July 15th.  The repeat violations are non-resident driving a PWC, three on a tube, and watercraft not going counter-clock-wise.  I will say that homeowners that needed license plates for their docks/lift/shore stations have purchased them in a timely manner.  The Association thanks you.  As for lot/block, I’ve suggested to several individuals, purchase the metal letters and screw them into your structure or onto a piece of cedar wood then to your dock.  I did this three years ago and they still look new.  I’m not aware of any stores in the area that sell them, but there are numerous choices on-line.  My order came from California, the cost was about $3.95 a letter/number.  The sun and weather seems to destroy the “stick on” examples and they usually last 2-3 seasons.

I’ve observed boaters doing a much better job of moving around the sailboat races on the weekends.  The patrol does not enforce counter-clock-wise during the races, in fact traffic is usually diverted opposite the side of the sailors which means one is going clock-wise now.

We are still getting complaints of PWC’s coming within 50 ft of moving watercraft and boats speeding in and out of coves.  Several concerns are in Gas Light Alley / W-X block cove of speeders.  This cove does have numerous kids/swimmers in the water on weekends.  One being in a hurry does not excuse a child’s safety.

An Old/New Problem…….I personally have talked with four sets of individuals that are swimming or floating more than 75 ft from their boat or land.  This is a safety issue and several homeowners are under the assumption since I’m in a cove it doesn’t matter.    Swimming from Goat Hill towards the N block shoreline is quite a distance, by the way that is 3 pts per person and it goes to the homeowner, this is a citation that doesn’t need to be.  The area of concern are Sunrise, Sunset, and Big Rock coves.

Stay safe and See Ya on the Pond!

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