7/12/17 Association News

With July 4th in the rearview mirror, we’re almost halfway through the boating season. Based on the calls we’ve received and the citations written, a few gentle reminders are apparently in order. Pulling more than 2 skiers or tubers is NOT allowed at any time. Three is only one more than two, but it will get you 3 points, nonetheless. Towing or skiing behind a PWC is also not allowed, nor is jumping the wake of another boat while operating a PWC. Wake surfing in the coves is not allowed. If you’re going to surf dude, please do it in the designated areas during the designated times. Docking lights are just that. They’re to be used for docking only; don’t cruise the lake with your docking lights on. Please turn the volume on your stereos down after midnight (also, you may want to choose some less offensive music). Water Patrol has issued over 200 citations for no stickers on boats or no Lot and Block or registration plates on docks. Some of these have been issued for improper placement of the above. As the person being responsible for communicating the need for these items, the number of these violations is staggering to me. Not only does it cause the offending homeowner unnecessary grief, the hidden costs in paperwork and postage is paid for by every single homeowner that pays dues. Please inspect your docks annually (or more often than that) to be sure that they are compliant. It was about this time last year that we started having weed problems in the Lake. For whatever reason, we haven’t seen too many of them this year. Maybe it’s the grass carp, the cooler temperatures or the turbidity of the water, but I am not complaining. Staff will be monitoring the situation carefully in the days to come. Some weeds are important. If any of the members feel like the problem is getting out of hand, please let us know.

Submitted by: Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at jollassn@earthlink.net or call the office at 578-4272.