7/20/17 – Association News

We’re always looking for better ways to communicate with the membership.  The amazing response that we have been getting from our social media presence lately has only emphasized how necessary it is.  As an example, on July 4th I posted updates on the fireworks show several times during the day.  Each time I posted, we were reaching over 1000 people in a matter of minutes (an incredible number for a community this size.)  Everyone may not have been 100% pleased with the message, but it was getting communicated.  One of our goals has been to develop and maintain our own independent website. Today, I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the new LakeLotawana.net.  Jennifer Morgan, our database coordinator has done a fantastic job developing a site that we all can be proud of.  Many thanks to the folks at Lotawana News for hosting our site for all these years, particularly Barb and Sarah who have been very patient and understanding with all our frequent adjustments.  LakeLotawana.net includes all the information that could be found on the Association page of the Lotawana News website and more.  You will still be able to find a link from their site to ours.  I would encourage everyone to check it out, bookmark it and let us know what you think.  We will continue to use Facebook to communicate urgent messages in a timely manner, however.

One frustrating thing has been the alphabet soup of email addresses that we’ve been stuck with for a while now.  Trying to verbally communicate “jollassn at earthlink dot net” has been a daily challenge.  By having our own domain, we can now simplify things considerably.  Our email addresses are all now our name at our domain (or JanOlson@LakeLotawana.net.)  Emails to the old addresses will forward for a short time, so please make the necessary changes to your address books.

Finally, the colorful history of our community and our association has always fascinated me.  A long-term goal has been to start documenting the history of Lake Lotawana from the perspective of the Lake Lotawana Association.  This website will be a great vehicle to help accomplish this.  Anyone who has pictures or stories that they would like to share with us should feel free to do so.  Some of the stories that I’ve heard may be “too colorful” to publish, (but we love to hear them anyway.)  Over time, we will incorporate them on our “History” page for posterity.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at janolson@lakelotawana.net or call the office at 578-4272.