7/27/22 – Association News

The 4th of July display was great again this year. Thanks to everyone who voluntarily pays money to support the event. You are truly appreciated. For those of you who have never contributed, or have not done so for several years, please consider doing so now. The Association will still accept the money and place it in a segregated account to only be used for fireworks displays. We have also sent a request to the company that is responsible for the event and have requested information on pricing for an additional 5 minutes of time, or in the alternative, a different makeup of the display. Thank you again for your generosity.

The Lake Lotawana Day is this Saturday, July 23rd. It is sure to be another fun and successful day! With the current weather forecast please exercise extra vigilance regarding everyone’s health and safety. Heat stroke, dehydration and other medical conditions can sneak up on you in one-hundred-degree weather; even if you are otherwise in great shape. Beverages can also mask the effects of hot weather. So please, please be safe and careful during these events. Everyone’s worst fear is someone getting sick or worse during events that are supposed to be full of fun and excitement.

A huge thank you to everyone who have cooperated in cleaning up the docks and mess at Goat Hill. Just 3 weeks ago we had as many as eighteen docks and structures at that site. Today we are down to six docks and several other miscellaneous structures; and we have a plan to have all of those removed in the next few weeks. Now, we don’t want to give the perception that docks will never again be parked in the area. We will instead, with everyone’s cooperation, be able to minimize the amount of time a dock will be in that area, as well as the number of docks. On a related matter, someone has now taken it upon themselves to use the docks parked at Goat Hill as dumpsters for construction material. We have to ask – are we not better than that at Lake Lotawana? Please do not discard construction or any other materials on the docks, nor on the spillway by the dam. We ARE better than that!

Regarding the last newspaper article on the problem of crushed rock around the lake, we have issued over 20 letters to members about rock on their property and how it has adversely impacted our roads, ditches and culverts. This effort by the Association will continue in earnest as we work with the City, which includes new scrutiny by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This also applies to dirt and other materials that may migrate off of one’s property. Silt remediation, such as silt fences, are required on all construction projects were dirt, rock or other materials may leave the property. Again, a renewed focus on these issues will continue for years to come.

As I mentioned in the last article the budgeting process for the year 2023 will soon be upon us. We have not received anyone’s input, which is fine. However, if you have any specific ideas, requests or comments, please immediately contact your District Director and he/she will pass on the information to the Ways and Means Committee for its consideration. We will be working in earnest on this important process in the next few months.

We continue to have issues with members not obtaining Association construction permits for docks, common area or exterior house projects. As far as the docks and common areas, since the Association owns the Common Areas and lake, the Lake Improvement Board or the office MUST approve any allowed construction BEFORE the work is performed. As it relates to exterior construction projects on your property, the Association must issue a permit for covered work, including the collection of road impact fees. In addition, please check with the City of Lake Lotawana to determine whether a permit is necessary from that governmental entity.

Finally, from my advantage point, I see some confusion by members on what is considered careless driving by PWC and boat operators. First, I have to say that I have a PWC and really enjoy riding the same. While sometimes it is a rough ride, there is something about the freedom and relaxation while operating one. However, on this lake you will likely be written up for careless driving for doing “donuts” (I am probably dating myself by using that description) or tight circles on either a PWC or boat.  Contact your District Director is you believe the rule, or its interpretation, should possibly be changed.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we can help. I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be safe, especially this Lotawana Day weekend! Harold