7/13/22 – Association News

The 4th of July Fireworks display was once again a big success at the lake. The lake was busy all holiday weekend as everyone enjoyed the hot weather by keeping cool in the water. Thank you to Ron DesCombes and his crew for keeping everyone safe. Thank each of you for your efforts in that regard.

The results of the water tests taken prior to the Holiday weekend came back as good as I have seen them, which is why nothing was published prior to the weekend.

The dead catfish event of several months ago appears to be behind us. However, there have been reports of dead snails and clams in several areas. We checked with the Missouri State Wildlife and Fisheries regarding these matters and the report we received back is that they do not believe there is anything going on except for the natural life cycle of these mollusks. However, out of abundance of caution we are inquiring of the State whether we can take several silt samples from the reported areas and have the State or someone else test them. We will keep you advised of whether this can be done and by whom.

The staff and crew continue to diligently work on dramatically reducing the number of docks that are parked at Goat Hill. We still have in affect the “no more docks policy” in that area until more headway is made. Please abide by this request. It will be helpful for the entire lake community if prior and proper planning is done regarding the removal of your old dock and placement of a new one. If you intend to have your dock removed from the lake, please contact the office many weeks in advance so we can schedule your dock to be moved directly to the spillway for destruction. We will also provide you the cost of such removal. Hopefully this process will limit the number of docks being taken to Goat Hill in the future. You also are required to submit a construction permit for any new structure on the lake, even if it is exact replacement. We can do this together. I am sure of it.

If you intend to build anything outside the four corners of your existing house or new proposed structure, please contact the office to determine whether a construction permit is required; and if it involves the parkway or pathway, it will likely be necessary to obtain the Lake Improvement Board’s approval of your project. Do this BEFORE you begin any work on your planned project.

Finally, the State Department of Natural Resources recently performed an audit of the City of Lake Lotawana, which of course includes our lake subdivision. We will be closely monitoring all rock, dirt and other materials that may end up in the lake, ditches or roads. We will also be issuing points and other enforcement mechanisms in order to keep our lake community free from unnecessary runoff of these materials. You are reminded that no new crushed rock is allowed in new parking or other areas. It must be material that is hard surface and permanent. Thank you in advance for your cooperation involving this very important matter.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we can help you with an issue. I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be safe! Harold