6/22/22 – Association News

The dredging operation is complete in Buffalo Cove. A sincere thank you is extended to all those members who had to move their docks in order to allow for the successful removal of silt in that cove. A special thanks is also given to those around the lake who woke up one morning and saw an extra dock next to their dock. The Association appreciates the understanding and patience of all those who have thus far been inconvenienced by the dredging process. After another 500 foot of dredge pipe is added onto the dredge discharge pipe, the dredge will move to Surprise Cove to dredge that area. Thanks again to everyone involved!

The 4th of July fireworks display is confirmed for the night of Monday, July 4th. We are looking forward to another fantastic night and hope we see everyone in their boats or other strategic locations around the lake. A reminder that individual fireworks are NOT ALLOWED at the lake since it is located within the limits of the City of Lake Lotawana.

The operations crew was finally able to destroy the 4 docks located at the dam and spillway. The reason for the delay in removing the docks is simple – too much water was flowing over the spillway to allow the crew to safely and properly dispose of the docks. During the destruction process many small pieces of dock and debris land on the spillway. If the water is flowing too swiftly the debris will flow down the spillway and into the creek below. We never want that to happen. Hopefully the wet weather will continue to subside, and the dock destruction process will be back to normal. Mike, Tyler, Josh and Jose worked tirelessly to accomplish the destruction in a short amount of time. Please thank them for all they do the next time you see them around the lake. While on the subject of old docks, please remember to contact the office if you are thinking about moving your dock, especially to Goat Hill. We are making a concerted effort to greatly diminish the number of docks located there. A temporary permit must be issued for any dock that is moved, again especially at Goat Hill; and right now no new permits are being issued until the number of docks in that area diminishes.

With all of the recent rains over the past several months, the issue of crushed rock filling up our culverts and ditches has been exacerbated and certainly highlighted. We will be giving courtesy notices in the coming days, followed by the issuance of points, for those residents who repeatedly cause the needless extra work for the operations crew. Not only that but these clogs in the ditches and culverts can cause flooding of the streets and unwanted damage to the road sub-base. While on the subject, the roadway in the back of G block has apparently failed. The apparent failure of two 42-inch culverts appears to be the culprit and we are currently seeking bids to repair/replace them. It is a very similar situation to the W block culverts failure we had several years ago. In that instance we were able to plan ahead for that replacement and were able to pass a special assessment to pay for the approximate Fifty Thousand Dollar price tag. We suspect the current G block repair/replacement will be considerably more given the recent spike in inflation and construction costs in general. In the meantime, we have rented several heavy steel street plates in order to protect the traffic in that affected area.

The Board of Directors’ Roads Committee has met several times in the past 6 weeks to review the street study that was performed. They also drove the entire road system and outlined the worst areas as called out by the report so that contractors are able to clearly see the areas affected and bid the repairs in a comparative fashion. However, one obvious and glaring reality is we have culverts that should be repaired/replaced before any general overlay of the lake roads occurs. We will keep you advised of future developments.

The lake water will be tested prior to the 4th of July Holiday weekend. All of the tests performed before Memorial Day were well within the norms. If there are any particular adverse water quality issues, we will send out an email notification advising those affected people of the situation.

Finally, the budgeting process for the year 2023 will soon be upon us. If you have any specific ideas, requests or comments, please contact your District Director and he/she will pass on the information to the Ways and Means Committee.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we can help you with an issue. I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be safe! Harold