6/8/22 – Association News

The Memorial Day weekend was a windy and safe Holiday for the lake. It also was a time when an extra ordinary number of snakes were seen around the lake. Please keep a watchful eye out for them as you are enjoying yourselves in the water and be respectful of the wildlife around the lake. While we are on the subject of discussing animals, there is also an increase in complaints of dogs running loose. Please remember there are City leash laws in place prohibiting dogs from running free throughout the lake.

We want to thank Brad Barnhart once again for his time and attention to the recent issue involving the extraordinary number of dead catfish. The fisheries biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation was able to visit our lake within two days of first learning of the situation. The team took a tour of the lake, and several sample fish were recovered, which were taken back to the laboratory for testing. The results of that testing did not indicate any disease, parasite or other similar condition in the fish. Mr. Pemberton, the fisheries biologist, after returning to his office and collaborating with other experts in the field, came back with the following possibilities for the catfish kill:

  1. Spawning stress – channel cat spawn about the same time that bass do. Some of the deaths could be related to this phenomenon.
  2. Fluctuation in oxygen levels – this sometimes occurs in a lake of our size. Fish that are located in this low oxygen area cannot escape and they die.
  3. With all of the recent heavy rainfall this spring, runoff from surrounding farming fields and properties may have had weed killer and/or bug killer that could have washed into the lake. The only thing that does not make sense with that explanation is why it would not kill several different species of fish and only catfish?

The good news is the Bass Buddy Tournament participants and other members from the lake are reporting a dramatic drop in dead catfish throughout the lake. Let’s hope this event is behind us.

The dredging operation in Buffalo Cove has experienced several unanticipated issues. A high-pressure hose failed even though it was brand new. The return water that is sent back to the lake failed, which caused water to run down one of our pathways. Then there has been the rain, which has affected our ability to efficiently dredge. The good news is during the last few days the dredging operation has been moving forward without any issues.

We want to reiterate the need for people to plan ahead regarding dock removals and destruction. At this point we have four docks at the spillway and dam awaiting destruction. Unfortunately, with all of the frequent rain the last three weeks, water is running down the spillway area. This condition prohibits us from destroying docks since the bits and pieces of wood, floats and metal will be swept down the spillway and into the creek below. No one wants that to happen. In addition, there are currently 18 docks parked at Goat Hill for one reason or another. We are not allowing any additional docks to be taken to that area until some of the existing ones are removed. Please note that any dock taken to Goat Hill or otherwise placed on the lake that has not been approved by either the Lake Improvement Board or the Association office must have a temporary permit issued BEFORE the dock is moved. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we can assist you. I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be safe! Harold