5/11/22 – Patrolling the Pond

Welcome Back to the New Boating Season,


     Starting a bit early this year, but need to get out some information before we begin the summer.

     I’ve been approached by several homeowners about that dreaded activity of PLOWING.  Since our population has been changing drastically over the past two years with new individuals venturing out on the water with fair boating experience and little understanding of our Rules & Regulations, we need to educate them for everyone’s’ safety.

     PLOWING is defined as: operating a watercraft at a speed  ( especially inboards and IO’s 10-15 MPH) and in a fashion creating a wake while not pulling a skier or another watercraft.   This is usually happening just outside the 100 ft from the shoreline on the main body. An operator may plow in the middle of the lake as long as the wake does not cause dock or shoreline damage.

      Plowing causes DOCK DAMAGE!    Ask  anyone that lives on the main body how many repairs they need to make each season on their docking structure.  Please don’t say that’s what happens when living on the main body vs a cove.  Boats are getting longer, heavier, and more horsepower……. that is why we have limits on the watercraft that come on the Pond.

     2nd Point:  When I make my rounds checking for watercraft decals, Lot/Block and License Plates on Dock…….I will identify License Plates that have too many coats of paint or the numbers are worn away, you will be required to purchase a NEW License Plate from the Association.  Your Lot/Block & License Plate/s must be visible.  I have noticed that a few homeowners have placed rubber railing around the edges of the docking structure which I understand for protection, but you are covering up your License Plate/s as well.  Please move your plate/s so it/they can be recognized.

     Next issue I will talking about Pontoon Mooring Lights and Ski Flags.

     I know everyone is getting the itch to get out on the water and warmer weather, hopefully it will be with us soon.  If you have new neighbors, please go over introduce yourself and ask them if they have questions about our lake and our Rules & Regulations.  This will benefit everyone.

     See Ya!