6/15/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Thank heavens sunny skies and warm weather has finally come our way….okay let’s get summer rolling!

The MC fleet had their regatta the first of June and had a great turnout of 32 sailboats.  Sailing is a pretty sight to watch; however, I feel I need to go over some boating edequate with our new homeowners.  Remember, he who has the least power has the right of way.  Bluntly, that means sailboats have the right of way over watercraft with motors.  If you happen to get caught up by the sailboats, don’t speed away, simply move slowly inside the 100 ft and idle between docks till they pass.  Always try and pass them on the stern not in front of them.  Many of the races move north to south toward the Yacht Club.  They usually hug the shoreline moving up Z block.  The patrol does not enforce counter-clock-wise during sailing.  We usually move traffic to the K – L block side of the lake.  Water skiers, so you can have your fun if the fleets are moving north south then you guys play on the east-west side of the lake.  On occasion the sailing takes place on the east-west so naturally, skiing then should move north south…..hopefully everyone will be happy.  The bottom line…..don’t make wakes around sailboats.

Okay, for the nasty stuff……..people driving their watercraft is the worst I’ve ever witnessed in years.  And you say what……

  1. Watercraft not moving counter clock-wise
  2. Watercraft moving from one side of the lake to the other going across at an angle of 45 degrees NOT the 90 degree turn like you should.
  3. Watercraft cutting the corner at K-10 .
  4. PWCs speeding into coves.
  5. Just plain terrible boat driving when following someone.
  6. Plowing……if you have an IO or an inboard boat, you can not move 10-15 mph anywhere near the 100 ft buoys…..either slow down or speed up….when your bow is way out of the water you are probably in the wrong. If you are ever in doubt just look back at your wake crashing into the boat docks as you pass.  If they are rocking quite a bit…….wrong speed…….this especially goes to watercraft pulling small kids on tubes moving at that speed.  Go toward the middle of the lake.
  7. Boats coming into the Marina on the wrong side. There are 4 cove buoys at the mouth of the cove.  Looking left would be buoy 1, then 2, 3 and finally 4 by the fire dock.  Coming into the Marina you should be at least between buoy 2 and 3.  Between 3 and 4 would be even better.  I still hear when on the wrong side, “I going to Marina 27.”  Or “I’m getting gas.”  Now where do you think the watercraft coming from the Marina or gas dock would go if you were on the wrong side?  Some homeowners attitude is, “There is no traffic, so one does not need to follow safety.”  I wonder where the watercraft coming from the Marina and gas dock go if their side is blocked?


On a positive note, I handed out several boat key bobbers and one Lake Rat Licenses plate holder to boat drivers that exhibited good navigation skills  on our lake.  Way to go fellow ladies and gentlemen, keep up the good work and hopefully a few more homeowners will follow suit.

The 4th of July will be here soon.  Make sure your bow and stern lights are in good working order for the fireworks……that does not mean pontoon drivers your flood lights!  Still too many are on in the evening…..they can be used only for mooring if needed, not running down the middle of the lake.  Every stop that I have made this season, the homeowner is not aware they are on.  Please know your watercraft and how it functions.

See Ya