6/1/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Boy, Mother Nature is sure throwing us a “curve ball” this spring!  Did we skip spring summer and move right into fall?

Hats off to all those brave souls that participated in the Loop Challenge.  They started at the Yacht Club to the Marina 27 ( but they were rewarded by Roger with nice  drinks) to Mark Nato’s house ( C-19 ) for free goodies and then back to the club.  I guess I need to say, the Women of Lotawana rule the lake.  Looked like 20-1 of ladies out there vs the men.  The kids had a ball on the Ducky Hunt and our very own DJ ( Tommy Daddy Needles) provided the tunes on the Yacht Club Dock.

Saturday turned out to be the best day on the lake with clear skies and sunny; however, Sunday with cooler weather and clouds, it didn’t stop the crowds going to Marina 27.  Unbelievable attendance inside and out.  Nice five-piece band played on the patio.

I just picked up my monogrammed towel from Barbara Treece who is with the Beautification Committee.  It is a royal blue with the outline of the lake and my address in a rich red color.  Everyone on the Pond needs to order one or more to support the Beautification group for all they do to enhance the beauty of our community.  I even purchased several boat bobber key chains to hand out to deserving watercraft drivers that demonstrate good boating.  All these items are for sale at the Association Office.

Before I get into the happening around the lake, I want to share a strange complaint about a definitely “strange” neighbor in Buffalo Cove.  I was called the other night and the lady seemed pretty upset about an unusual man power spraying everything in their neighborhood.  I informed her that that situation did not fall into the realm of the Association; however, she disagreed.  Our homeowner went on to explain that this man power washes his house, the neighbor’s houses, the trees, the grass, rocks, the sidewalks, boat docks and anything that moves.  To add to this calamity, he just does not spray everything during the day, but also into the darkness of night.  Our frightened lady does not know the individual, but she heard people calling him “Shaky.”  Well, I would think if you wanted a free boat cleaning, just drive into the cove and look for Shaky day or night!  Alan Switzer does live in X block so for once he’s off the hook.  Everyone prays Alan does not play his outlandish music this season.

Okay let get serious.  I moored in one of the gas well docks at the Marina 27……PLEASE REMEMBER, there are only TWO wells open for gassing your watercraft NOT 3.  To the left of the north gas well there is about 8 foot of water separating the dock from the patio deck of the Marina 27.  A 4×4 post has been hit more than once splittering it.  That is not as easy fix.  It seems a few individuals think that narrow space is for a boat or a PWC……NOT.  Two wells only and only 2 gas nozzles are for your convenience.  I placed a NO Parking sign across that gap, but I know as sure as I am writing this, some person/s will ferry right past the sign and attempt to purchase gas.  Another problem at the Marina and I have witnessed myself while having Sunday brunch, too many homeowners are reckless in mooring their watercraft.  They hit the dock 2-3 times before coming to a complete stop…..that is coming an going.  Several of the “popsicle sticks” have already been replaced and there are many gouges in the wood.  The Marina 27 is one of our “jewels” of the lake, please take care and respect what it has to offer.  Also, had a boat moored at the Courtesy Dock by the boat ramp.  Please, this dock is reserved for our homeowners to assist them in launching and trailering their watercraft, not Marina parking.

I started checking watercraft May 24TH for 2021 decals and NOT to my amazement, from A Block to H Block I have written 30 citations for no registration.  Wow, I cannot wait to continue around the rest of the lake.  Next check will be lot/block and registration plates on docks.  Any guesses how many more I must write?

Not much new on boating since it’s been  limited so far this season, hopefully it will pick up.

FYI, the Lotawana Ski Club will begin their summer practices Wednesday, June 2nd in Sunset Cove and out into the main body.  They will be on the water every Monday & Wednesday till Lotawana Day from about 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  The patrol boat will be blocking traffic coming into the Yacht Club, Goat Hill and N Block for the young skiers.  Please read the following:  this does not mean homeowners do not have access to Goat Hill or N Block.  When you approach the water patrol, you will be directed to move straight across from M Block to V Block, hug the 100 ft into Sunrise Cove and stay close to Goat Hill shoreline.  One can anchor in Sunrise to watch the kids or you may proceed around Goat Hill to N Block.  The youth of our lake appreciate your understanding in their preparation for Lotawana Day.

Let’s get ready and prepare for the 4th of July & Lotawana Day, those events will be here sooner than you think.    See Ya.