5/17/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend……. hopefully we will have sunshine and at least 80 degree temperatures and everyone will be having a great time on the Pond.

There will be 5 interns and myself on the water this summer and we should provide good coverage of the lake for service and protection when needed.

The patrol will be out looking for your lot/block and 2021 decal on your watercraft.  Also make sure your running lights are in working order on the bow and stern.  This season if one is stopped for no lights a warning citation will be issued and in the event this happens again then points will be awarded. Too many individuals do not take lighting very seriously; however, with so many new residents I do not want to take any chances this season……SAFETY FIRST!

I met with a group of homeowners from N block ( Sunset Cove) last week.  They have several concerns about the actions of some that is very disturbing.  I mentioned in my last issue of the young ladies adding their H2O to the water and were very visible in doing so.  Another issue is that too many boaters come right next to their docks.  I witnessed three pontoons doing that while at the meeting.  The residents are going to set out orange buoys approximately 50 ft in front of their docking structures to serve as a safe zone for their kids to play and swim and not worry about the heavy traffic.  Next to that will be a traffic zone area for watercraft to move in and out of the cove safely.  Hopefully, we will observe safe mooring by everyone from Goat Hill to deep inside the cove and stay away from the docks.  Last concern…….choice of music and language………the use of four lettered words will not be tolerated.  If you are new to the lake and are not aware, sound carries a great distance across the water.  There are too many kids and even adults who should not be subjected to this type of entertainment.   This is a family lake, let us keep it that way.  Please remember, you the homeowner are responsible of the actions of your guests.  I’ve observed a few instances where the homeowner asked their guests to leave because of their behavior.  I take my hat off to those that respect our Pond.

My personal concern……..for several years I have heard many residents says, “I won’t go out on the main body.  It’s too scary to be out there on weekends.”  Now I hear the same response from people living close to Goat Hill.  I don’t enjoy writing citations, but if that is what it takes to bring back peace to our community, then we will.

If you are reading this article, you are not the problem.  More than 95% of our residents are great people.  It’s that small percentage along with their guests that create the chaos.

As I am writing this, I’m witnessing that wonderful rain pounding us causing our water level to rise considerably.  Harold and Marilee were quick to inform our residents to shut down the lake to boating traffic; however, there are those homeowners that go out for curiosity or observation.  This is not a good idea.  Your boat wake can cause damage to docks and there is no need of you being on the water in the first place.  Think of others, not your interests.    I’m also observing exposed electric lines in conduit to the docks. Yes they are supposed to be safe but  the water level is at or above these lines.   Be aware of this problem when walking around your docking structures after heavy rains.

Come on summer, fair skies, and 80 degrees.   See Ya.