7/1/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Hopefully, the 4th of July was a great success, and everyone had a great time celebrating our National Holiday and remembering the meaning of it, not just a time to shoot fireworks.

Boat driving hasn’t improved too much, if you are bored just read some of the comments made on Lake Rats about how some of our residents drive and act on the Pond.  I’m hearing continuously from members, “Someone is going to get killed out here this summer.”  This is one of the greatest places to live and enjoy but there are those do not understand it is a “privilege” to part of this community and they take it for granite.  One would think with the cost of our homes, watercraft, and docks everything would be taken seriously and respected…….NOT until you loose your lake rights due to accumulating points for your behavior.  I don’t know if I could handle a year off the lake.

On a better note, Lotawana Day is fast approaching and lots of anticipation of events that will take place.  Whatever is chosen by the committee, I’m sure will make for a fantastic weekend.  Even with COVID last season, Lotawana Day was one of our best.  My favorites are the Parade of Floats, the kids’ Carboard Boat Races, and of course the Lotawana Ski Club Show.  Speaking about the Ski Club, wait till you all see the new faces on board and many of them are very very young out there performing.  What a future lies ahead with the next generation.  Not only in skiing, but there are also large numbers of youth learning to sail.  I know I’m not mentioning all of the adults who need to be recognized for guiding and training, but Kristen Falkenberg, Craig Davis, Sarah Frashier, Jenny Wickstrom, and Morgan Martin are names that seem to pop up a lot.  Great to see one generation teaching another.  I was informed that the Jr. Regatta that was held last month was the first one in several years to be held on our lake.  What a bright future lies ahead with our youth!

From off the cuff……..fishermen, it’s nice that you enjoy looking for the crappie around the patrol dock, but please, when your lure is caught up in our American flag, please cut it loose and not leaver it dangling from this sacred piece of material.

Homeowners that are mooring deep into Sunset Cove near the N block residents, you can play your music, but not exceed being overly loud or music with profanity.  You are disturbing the piece of the land homeowners and will be asked to moor closer to Goat Hill.  If you ignore this request by the water patrol you will be awarded 6 points for the music and another 6 for not following the directions of the patrol……..DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT?

In Big Rock Cove, constant complaints of watercraft speeding in and out and being too close to residents’ docks.  I am asking for the homeowners to record the lot/block and boat description or better yet take a pic or video.  I will then meet with these individuals that want to do their “own thing” and ignore the safety of our residents.  This behavior needs to stop!

The Association and I keep getting calls about the older pontoon moored by the Fire Dock sinking or floating loose, this watercraft is owned and maintained by the City, not the Association.  If it is loose, I will be more than glad to retrieve it, but I can do nothing about the shape it is in.

An unfortunate situation happened with the Ski Club jump at Goat Hill.  Some party hit the ramp and tore off an 8 ft piece from the ramp’s lower section in the water.  If this wasn’t discovered in advance, it would have been very dangerous to one of kids who practice jumping off that platform.  Please have the integrity to report such a mishap to someone and not harm one of our children on OUR  lake because you are embarrassed or just don’t care.

On a lighter side…….did you hear that Craig Davis was presented with a special recognition and he is so proud, he framed it and it hangs inside his master bathroom.  Ask him about it sometime.

I give Alan Switzer a hard time on Lake Rats, but seriously he had an unfortunate accident a couple of weeks ago.  He was working on an older Econo lift by himself.  It broke loose on the side supports and almost took off his hand.  I know most guys are macho including myself thinking “I can fix this by myself.”   My two cents, with a project like that, get a buddy to help you and think of precautions you can take.  Two heads are always better than one.  Mend well Mr. Switzer.   And, “NO”, you still can’t play your lousy music loud on weekends!

Take care and Be Safe on the water.    See Ya.