10/13/21 – Patrolling the Pond

I think fall is upon us; however, the warm days are still good, but I love the cooler temps in the evening, open all the windows and let the air in.  That’s a great way to sleep!

Watched the C Boat Regatta this weekend, Saturday was more or less a “floater”, however, Sunday was a great day and I know the sailors loved the wind provided to them. 

Our boating season is slowly winding down and I see watercraft already being winterized.  Still the craziest thing is I’m still pulling water lily pads out of the lake and NO lot block on them.  Guess people out here have so much money to burn.  Those little items run from $500 to $1,500 a pop.  Must be nice.

On the water, we have had a record number of dead animals in the lake.  I pulled out two this weekend.  Don’t understand what is going on this season.  The most unique one was an armadillo.  Never witnessed one of those on our lake. Thank heavens only had one deer this season.  They are a challenge.

I mentioned before about some mooring habits of a few of our homeowners on the Pond at the Marina.  I took several pictures recently.  It is unbelievable the damage to those docks and the gas dock.  Do we need to start Boat Drivers Ed next season?

Giving everyone a heads up for next summer.  If your dock plate ( that’s the black plate with four digits on the front of your dock) is worn away or has been painted over several times and the numbers are not visible, then I will be writing a Courtesy Citation giving you 10 days to replace it.  One can visit the Association Office and purchase a new one.  If you are older or physically can’t go down to your dock, please send in your money and I will replace your old one with the new plate.

I’m still stopping watercraft that display a suck-cup ski flag.  We outlawed them several years ago.  They do not always stay perpendicular and fly backwards.  Homeowners are still trying to fly flags behind the windshield or to the side of the boat……that’s  NOT visible.  In my last article I mentioned especially boats with towers with the ski flag  mounted on the top…..it must stay upright-perpendicular at all times.  No flying back at 45 degrees.  You will be stopped and asked to discontinue skiing until you have a correct flag mounted.  You have all winter to find a flag that will mount properly.   There are several online stores one can compare flags/holders.  Overton’s is a good source that I have used several time or search Amazon.

We still have some good weather to cruise the lake; October is usually a great month with the pretty moon shining over the dam.  Please practice good boating safety.  I have noticed from shore some watercraft not going counterclockwise and cutting the corners at K and Z block in the wrong direction.  Even if you think you are the only boat on the water…….ARE YOU SURE?   See YA