10/27/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Well, it’s been an interesting season on the Pond.  We have some ups and some downs, however, the best news is we had no boating accidents or deaths, but we are slowly moving closer because of a few residents’ boat driving habits and their attitudes.

Let’s go with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly events on the Pond.  The GOOD:   great weather, hardly any high temps, water temp was perfect all season, the sailing regattas with the Lady Butterflies, Jr Fleet, MC, and C-boats, 4th of July Fireworks, Lotawana Day complete with Floats, Carboard Races, Ski Show, Buddy Bass, Lotawana Ski Club with 98 kids participating, Clean-Up Days, the Homes Tour, Bob Jovi at the MYC, brunches Fri, Sat, & Sun at the Marina 27, new gas pumps at the Marina, and the Dredge working all summer in Big Rock.  

The BAD: pontoons running at night with their flood lights on, dock lights way too bright, ski flags not flying perpendicular, watercraft crossing the lake at angles not going straight, non-residents driving PWCs, docks not displaying lot/block or registration plate, watercraft not displaying the current year decal, 96 tows by the Water Patrol…..more than half for watercraft running out of gas,  and homeowners not labeling their water toys, buoys, vests, cushions with their Lot Block. 

THE UGLY:   almost every cove marker has a dent or cut in them, driving around Lion’s Point in the Wrong Direction, watercraft Speeding at night, watercraft not knowing the right-away rules, all of the dents, scratches, and broken boards at the Marina 27  docks & gas pumps, watercraft driving/passing boats less than 50 feet apart, gas stolen from boats, and speeding in and out of coves…….the award with the most citations and called in complaints goes to sunset and big rock.  Thank you to the homeowners that are taking pics and calling in their complaints……this really helps. 

The ALL-TIME NUMBER ONE UGLY……. people at Goat Hill going #1 off their watercraft in the open and those brave people going naked or topless (ladies) for the world to SEE!

As I said it’s been an interesting summer.  Hopefully Santa will bring new ski flags and holders to some and others will become more conscious with their boat driving skills, and the few that do their own thing……care about others around the Pond not just doing or acting for themselves alone.

Have a great fall, winter, and spring……See Ya next summer.