9/22/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Wasn’t the Wooden Boat Show fantastic?!  I know a “little boy” that lives in I Block that has more toys than anyone on this lake and his collection is still growing.  My favorite was the boat that looked like a 1959 Cadillac……nice toys, Tim!  I know anyone that enjoys boats loves it when the engines are started on any of the Wood Fleet, and the fleet seems to be growing each season……look forward to next extravaganza.  Oh yes, many thanks to Lance & Marina 27 being so gracious in hosting the event at their docks so everyone could have a firsthand look of these gems on our Pond.

The season is winding down with less and less traffic, but the evening cruises are outstanding.  We have a full moon coming up and usually there are several watercrafts moored at the dam watching the show.

The most ironic part of the season is how many times I have asked everyone to label all their toys and boat accessories with the home lot/block, yet, on Lake Rats weekly one sees posting of a missing article and hope somebody finds it by their description; however, who needs to take 5 minutes to label it with their address.  Life is funny.  This coincides with me asking for several years to always tie all watercraft to your lift or your dock, but after every storm there are  always a watercraft floating in the middle of the lake.

I noticed September 11th, there were three inboards with a rack pulling a tube.  All three had their ski flags flowing backwards at 40 degrees not perpendicular.  The patrol is going to crack down on this next season.  The flag is plainly visible and standing straight upward or you will be asked to discontinue skiing until it is fixed correctly, this does not mean on the spot.  Take it home correct it or purchase a correct flag that will not fly backwards at an angle.  Suction Cup holders are not allowed.  There are plenty of great examples used by our homeowners.  Stop and ask where they purchased their flag holder .  Pontoons….the best one that I seen are the ones that can clamp right to your front door on the frame.  They are perfect.  There are a few pontoons that fly their flag toward the middle of the watercraft.  It must be posted somewhere on the bow and if not highly visible, then you will also be required at the stern as well.  We must stay on top of this because the number of tubers is increasing each season……safety and visibility are a must when pulling someone.

Still witness mostly pontoons trying to moor at the Marina 27……simple trick…..SLOW DOWN.  The crazy part is watching the bow come in nicely, but the stern is sticking way out and then someone is hanging off the watercraft trying to reach for the dock.  Sort of like parallel parking your car……PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Just towed in number 97 watercraft Sunday, not complaining, it’s part of our service, yet almost half of the tows are people running out of gas……this should never happen……check your gas before you leave your dock, very simple.

We have hauled a record number of dead animals out of the lake this season.  A point I want to make here, if the deceased (my mortuary background) is around your dock we will be glad to retrieve it; however if it is a fish out in the main body, let mother nature take care of it.  Remember your 5th grade science – the Eco System depends on it.  We have many types of critters be it fish, turtles or other animals…. they need  a food source.

 Be safe and See YA.