New Lake Improvement Board Permit Schedule for 2020

The deadline for 2020 LIB case submission has been moved back one week to give neighbors involved more time to receive packets and review the proposed changes.

The completed Permit application must be turned in to the Association office with attachments and all fees related to the permit prior to the 4th Friday of the month to be included on the next month’s agenda of the Lake Improvement Board.  The total number of cases are limited to 15 so it is advisable to submit the application as soon as possible.  PERMIT APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

2020 Lake Improvement Board Dates
Date Completed Permits Due for next month’s LIB. (Friday after LIB, usually 4th Friday of Month.) LIB Meeting Date  (The 4th Thursday of the Month)
Friday 12/6/2019 Thursday 1/23/2020
Friday 1/24/2020 Thursday 2/27/2020
Friday 2/28/2020 Thursday 3/26/2020
Friday 3/27/2020 Thursday 4/23/2020
Friday 4/24/2020 Thursday 5/28/2020
Friday 5/29/2020 Thursday 6/25/2020
Friday  6/26/2020 Thursday 7/23/2020
Friday 7/24/2020 Thursday 8/27/2020
Friday 8/28/2020 Thursday 9/24/2020
Friday 9/25/2020 Thursday 10/22/2020
Friday 10/23/2020 Thursday 12/3/2020