9/26/18 – Patrolling the Pond

The days and evenings after Labor Day have been fabulous.  Not much traffic on the lake and taking an evening cruise is almost perfect.  This is my time of the year.

The Pond has really settled into its post summer mode.  I still see lots of fishermen in the mornings and several skiers up early to catch the calm water. 

There is a plus side to the lower traffic and being relaxed; however, I am seeing too many people slipping back into bad habits. That is going up the wrong side of the lake and cutting the corner at K block.  Yes, it appears to be no one on the lake at times, but that one in one hundred chance comes up with the speeding watercraft moving counter clock-wise and the other moving clock-wise.  Why take the chance?  I’ve also seen ski flags not mounted correctly on the bow of pontoons and people swimming in the main body farther than the legal distance from a watercraft or shore.  We’ve had a pretty good summer, let’s end it that way!

I’m still making dock inspections and I’m coming across many with license plates that are really worn, and the numbers are barely visible.  Next spring I’m going to start writing “warning citations” to homeowners with bad plates to purchase a new one.  Another situation I’m seeing is people putting rubber guards around their docks for protection; however, they are covering up their lot/block.  Remember your lot/block and license plates must be highly visible.  Most of our residents that have more than docking structure are doing a great job placing all of their plates in a row on their main dock.  More and more homeowners are placing lifts and shore stations on the backside or by the catwalk of their docks.  It makes it almost impossible to locate license plates on the back side.  Thusly, a citation is written for the license not being visible.

Thefts are starting to pick up on the lake.  I noted in my last column that there are over 300 kayaks registered.  They range in value from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. There was a theft in H block last week.  Usually it’s kids playing and after they are done, they dump the watercraft on someone else’s dock, but occasionally, the thefts are being carried out by professionals.  The usual method is to have a pick-up truck run the road with one to two individuals walking the shoreline looking for fishing rods, gas cans, kayaks, and small motors. They pick up the item and take it up to the waiting truck.  This is what the resident in H blocks thinks happened because a white truck was spotted on the road moving slowly.  As I have always stated, don’t get involved, but if you see someone you don’t recognize or an odd vehicle on the road……CALL the Lotawana Police and the Water Patrol.  As a homeowner, secure anything of value on your dock or lifts as best as possible to take away temptation and the loss of your property.

As we move into the last of September, remember we have the Wooden Boat Classic Show on the 28th & 29th and the Lotawana Homes Tour on October 6th……..then Halloween!!!!!!

Stay safe and See YA.

P.S.    Has anyone found the identity of Dixie yet?