9/26/18 – Association News

What occupies the Association staff and Board of Directors after the boating season winds down?  The 2019 budget.  The Ways and Means Committee has been gathering data from the various committees and departments and will present a preliminary budget to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at the October meetings for approval.  Once approved by the Board ballots will be sent out to all the members to be voted on at the November 13th full membership meeting.  There will be ballots for the overall budget and probably some special assessments as well.  The overall budget will include things like dues, permit fees, road impact fees, boat and dock license fees as well as every expense item for the entire next year.  Last year the membership approved a special assessment for some much-needed repairs to the boat ramp, the dam bridge road and the spillway.  Those projects are well on their way to a successful completion.  Special projects being discussed for 2019 are upgrades to the water patrol and operations docks at the dam, new and more convenient gas docks at the marina, and a possible new roof for the Association building.  It is also time to seriously consider putting some money aside for our next road overlay.  Believe it or not we’re about halfway through the projected life of the last one.  We will be crunching the numbers this entire month.  The good news is that the Budget Committee doesn’t see a need for an increase in our dues.  This year’s request for a special assessment should be much less than last year’s request.  It is however, probably time to consider an increase in boat, dock and trailer storage fees.  Boat registrations have not been increased since 2009.  We encourage input from our members.  Let your voice be heard.  Contact your District Director.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at janolson@lakelotawana.net or call the office at 578-4272.