8/26/20 – Patrolling the Pond

This has been one crazy year on the Pond.  You name it and it has happened.  Is it because of Covid or people not using common sense?  Yes, we do have over 60 new families moved in in the past three months.  The ones that I have stopped have no clue of our lake rules or the events that go on during the summer.  Last week a new owner tried running his boat through the middle of Ski Practice with no idea.

I’ve tried not to be strict with new homeowners.   Safety is our first concern.  If the offense is minimal and little traffic, I will give a warning, but next time a citation will be issued.  That has worked for 34 years, but not this season.

Areas of concern:  plowing in the water.  This is usually people who drive an IO boat.  The watercraft is moving between 8 to 15 mph with the bow well out of the water. This infraction occurs when people are driving slow looking at houses or someone is pulling a smaller child on a tube.  You have two options, speed up brining the bow down or if one is pulling a tube move to the middle of the lake.

Watercraft are still traveling up the wrong side of the lake especially from B block to the Marina.  I see sail buoys #1 and #2 have been moved a little to the south……this is good. The buoys are not the middle.  The exact middle for this part of the lake are the flag poles.  No, we aren’t measuring what the exact middle is…….common sense.  There are 4 cove buoys going into the Marina.  Starting from the one closest to the Fire Dock is #1, then #2, #3, and #4 is close to  B block.  Traveling from west to east toward the Marina stay in the middle and as you start toward the cove, come in somewhere between #2 and #3.  What boaters are doing, they are approaching the cove between #3 and #4 which places you in front of oncoming traffic from  A Block , Marina, or the Gas Dock.   The excuses still come out, “I’m going to the Marina,” “I’m getting gas,” “There is no traffic out.”  Never use the last statement, YOU do not know for sure where a boat can come from.  Those of you who have lived out here for a while remember the boating accident that killed a resident.  Boat one came out from between docks and boat two was traveling down the lake in the main body.  Neither saw each other.  I’m old school, 90% of the time when I head to the patrol dock, I swing out to Z block, come by the dam, then to the dock.  SAFETY  SAFETY  SAFETY.

Third situation……more people are stopping their boat in the main body and getting out to swim.  This should be common sense.  Why would you swim in an area where there is boat traffic and water skiers coming toward you?  I know, “There’s not many people out today so it’s okay.”  How do you know where that next boat is coming from again?  You are putting yourself and the oncoming watercraft in danger.

Lastly, boaters are still pulling tubes with people on them into the Marina Gas Dock and into coves.  Take everyone off as you arrive at the cove buoy.  You are still skiing/tubing when someone is in the cove being pulled.

I’ve had so many complaints this season of BAD BOATING HABITS.  Please, if you are new read our Rules & Regulations.  Think of other people around you.  If you are a veteran of the lake, set the example of driving not the opposite.

New problem just arose at the Marina Gas Docks.  There are two slips for gassing your watercraft.  Yes, the pumps usually shut down in the evening and there are two places to moor a watercraft……..but NOT on the south side of the gas docks.  There was a boat moored there Friday evening and it BLOCKED people from using the boat ramp.  The patrol will award you with a citation parking in this area.  The ramp is open 24/7 and no obstructions should prevent homeowners from using it.  If all the mooring spaces are filled at the Marina docks, then you need to wait or moor somewhere else.

On Saturday, August 15th I saw a first on my watch for this season.  There was a wake boarder sitting in the water getting ready to ski.  About 70 yards to the north, a pontoon was pulling a tuber.  The pontoon stopped dead in the water.  They were allowing the wake boarder to take off.  I went over to the homeowner and applauded him for such courtesy.  His response to me was, “It’s only common sense.  When one comes upon a skier that is just being pulled out of the water you stop, he could fall and then I could put him in danger.”    N block resident, my hat is off to you!

Labor Day Weekend is fast approaching, and the season is winding down.  Be careful and stay safe.

See ya