8/12/20 – Patrolling the Pond

What a first week of August……if only it would stay around for a while…..maybe if we say a prayer, all will be well in the kingdom.

Citations still go out for not going counterclockwise.  I observed five boats traveling west to east toward the dam.  Each watercraft used the sail buoy #2 & #3 then swung to the right to buoy #1.  This has been mentioned several times……the sail buoys are not the middle of the lake going west to east, not even close.  What is dead middle in this direction are the flag poles on the dam.  Buoy #1 is awfully close, but the other two are not a good reference.  I still hear, “I’m on this side of the lake because we are going to the Marina.”

Lotawana Day is fast approaching ( August 22nd)  Due to the pandemic most of the events had to be toned down or eliminated.  The parade will still be a big hit along with the music in the evening on the wet end of the Pond.

I was a little bored last Sunday driving around with little traffic, so I asked the question, “How many American flags are flying on the main body?”  Do you know?  Answer at the end of the column…….

Can’t say enough good things I’ve heard from our residents about Marina 27.  It has been packed especially Friday & Saturday evenings.  The brunch crowd is also very heavy in attendance.  Everyone says the biscuits & gravy cannot be beat.  Don Leven feels the strawberry pancakes are top on his list.  I especially enjoy drinks and appetizers on the deck with my girlfriend during Happy Hour.  This has been one of the best attractions to hit the lake in a long time.  Best of luck to Roger & Lance & Company.

The patrol averages 7-9 tows a week, in the past the problem has been engine problems; however, this season the number one reason for a tow…….”I’m out of gas!”   Check your gas gauge before you leave the dock.  Being pulled about 7 mph can not be too much fun for boaters.  Speaking of gas, an unthinkable situation happened in P block.  A homeowners boat gas was taken and then refilled with water and some substance ( probably sugar) in the tank.  This is about as low as anyone can get on our Pond.  I know some individuals get nervous about reporting people, but if they are not known to the neighborhood or acting strangely, you need to call the police or water patrol.

I’m starting to receive more complaints of loud music on Friday-Saturday nights.  This is usually not a major problem.  The Lotawana Police use 11:00 PM and the patrol has usually calls midnight the “witching hour. “   Yes, you can play music, BUT not sounds that carry clear across the lake to Grain Valley.  Use common sense, maybe everyone does not like your taste in tunes, so be respectful of everyone’s piece of mind.  Music with profanity will be stopped immediately.

Fall will be here before we know it, but September and October are my favorite months to cruise in the evening or have a firepit blazing away.

The answer to my flag question……..39 American Flags are flown in the main body.

See ya.