8/10/22 – Patrolling the Pond

Glad to say that Lotawana Weekend was a great success……Thank you Kim Duncan for coordinating this huge challenge into a great two days of fun and excitement for our lake community.

I was a little worried about the Parade of Floats on Friday evening since there wasn’t a lot of participation in the beginning, but thankfully we had 11 participants and each represented our lake with style.  I personally enjoyed the watercraft with their lights on after dark…..very impressive.

Saturday morning had lots of activities for everyone of all ages from Buddy Bass, Lucky Duck Hunt to the Swim Races.  Of course the Noodle Float was anticipated to set a new record….it was close but,  “No Horseshoes” this time.

The big event of the day was the Lotawana Ski Club Show.  The kids put on a fabulous display even with Mother Nature not exactly cooperating with high temperatures and a few gusts of wind.  From the reaction of the fans at Goat Hill, I would say this was one of the best demonstrations of our youth showing off their skills on the water. Looks like with all of the participants involved we will watch these kids develop and grow for years to come.

I was a little concerned about Lotawana Day since July 4th crowd was a bit of a challenge; however, the patrol did not write one citation and all went pretty well at Goat Hill, but there is always that two or three individuals that challenge the system.  Alan Switzer jumped from pontoon to pontoon trying the instigate a riot……his wife took control of him.  Tommy Needles was throwing water balloons at the water patrol, he was put in timeout by his wife.  Lastly this guy named Davis (U Block) was attempting to walk on water………his mother made him sit down.

We have one more big holiday coming up soon…..Labor Day and then the Pond will return to being docile into the winter and spring.  Boy has this summer flown by, but there is still lots of good boating/kayaking into October that still awaits us.

As a whole, a majority of our boaters are doing a better job of flying their SKI FLAG property and being visible in a 360 degrees……still have a few ski boats with racks that are flying them on the side of the rack, you are not protecting your skier.  Pontoons are looking so much better.  Amazon has great ski flags that clamp on the from door of your watercraft and are highly visible.  Hopefully Santa can assist some boaters with new flags?

A new trend that seems to be happening on the Pond………many residents have sold their dock or their watercraft to another homeowner on the lake these past two seasons.  Guess what?????The new owner does not replace the lot block and are using the seller’s address or in the case of a dock changing hands, leaving on the old address and adding the new one.  I don’t want to write citations for this……please place the correct address on your new purchase.  Also, a point to be made, when you trade docks or purchase a new one…… take off your black license plate.  This can be used on your new structure or you can purchase a shiny new plate, in that case destroy your old plate.  It’s been known that sometimes individuals pry off the old plate from a dock that’s going to be destroyed or sitting at Goat Hill and applied to another dock.  What ever docking structure you may have, be it a dock, catwalk, pier, shore station, or a PWC float, a licenses plate is assigned to that structure, you and your lake address.

 Take care and happy last of summer boating!


See ya