6/27/18 – Patrolling the Pond

Welcome to Summer!  We asked for a clear sky and sunshine and do we have it.  Water temperature is at 82 degrees F ….a bit warm for June.

I’ve made my first round on watercraft decals, and the number is still too high.  Currently looking at docking structures for lot/block and license plates.  From blocks A to S, there have been 52 citations; can’t wait to continue.  Looks like I’m going to hit my average of 150 plus again.  I guess I’m not too smart, however; there is no reason for anyone to have these types of violations.  It takes You the homeowner less than 5 minutes to check your watercraft and your docking structures and see if you are missing anything.  Maybe a miracle will happen one year and there will be only a handful of citations written.

Traffic has still been pretty light so far, a few concerns from families using the lake at this point, but I’m sure this is going to change as we approach the 4th of July.  I’m starting to get complaints about behavior at Goat Hill.  I was hoping this problem was nipped in the bud a few years ago.  Loud music, some of it offensive in nature, some individuals showing more of themselves than they should and mooring too close to residents’ docks in N block.  I also have had complaints of the mooring in Big Rock as well.  It is okay to moor in both locations, but you cannot obstruct traffic from moving in and out freely.  If these issues continue, water patrol will be asking you to move or leave the area.  In the past, I talked with the regulars at Goat Hill to police themselves and kindly ask the problem adults to leave.  This approach worked well three years ago when we had the interesting music, obscene language, and fights taking place.  Hopefully, this type of behavior will cease.

Had an issue the evening of June 16; this occurred with people in the water within the 100 ft area on the main body and a pontoon docking using their docking lights.  Two important points here; firstly, if you are swimming at night within the 100 ft be aware of traffic docking.  It can be a challenge to see individuals in the water at night.  The mooring boat must also be aware of individuals in the water.  Most pontoons have docking lights and this is what they are used for; however, too many people on these type of watercraft abuse the use of the light and turn them on in the middle of the lake while cruising.  Docking lights as described are intended for docking not cruising.  In the above case we had people in the water and a pontoon docking; the ending was not too pretty.  Both parties are technically right, but the responsibility will most of the time lie on the docking boat.  As on land, pedestrians, and in the water, swimmers have the right away.  Now you are asking, “What does the pontoon driver do if people are in the water and he wants to moor his watercraft?”  My two cents, both parties are responsible.  People in the water make the driver aware and the driver make the people in the water aware of his/her intentions.  You can work this out as adults hopefully…….I said hopefully, we do not live in a perfect world and words were exchanged.  At this point you need to call Water Patrol so the situation does not get out of hand.  Gladly, no one was hurt, just egos.  Lotawana has a reputation of people being kind and fair, we need to keep that in mind.  A small percentage of homeowners want to do it their own thing.  With the temperatures starting to rise, so do tempers; there are enough tragedies going on around the world now, we don’t need it on our Pond.  Work together!

The 4th of July is coming, on one hand it’s a great annual event on our lake.  The watercraft lights are almost as pretty as the fireworks.  On the other hand, we have lots and lots of off-lake individuals visiting.  Two concerns of mine.  One, homeowners lend out their PWCs to these people without immediate family on board as well as underage individuals driving.  These are major problems and points to the homeowner.  Second point, fireworks and trash shot or dropped into the lake.  The patrol picks up more debris after the 4th and Lotawana Day than any other time in the boating season. Please keep our lake clean and free of trash.

On a calmer note, I ran into an individual the other day, he wanted the combination of the boat ramp to take his pontoon out.  I was curious and asked, “Why?”  The watercraft was less than a year old.  His response was, “I’m getting my toons chromed!”  Of course, I said, “What?”  That’s a new one on me……so his toons are now chromed!  How was your week?

See ya