6/8/22 – Patrolling the Pond

     Mother Nature finally smiled on us…….clear skies and warmer temperatures.  I measured the water temp the other day and it was 73F…….we’re getting there!

     Memorial Day Weekend is approaching and I hope everyone is preparing for it.  First order of business, I hope your 2022 decals are on all of your water craft/s.  I did a spot check the other day and counted 32 boats not legal in just one block of the lake.  I hate writing those citations, but they are a very important factor.  One it proves you are a resident of Lotawana and that your watercraft has the proper insurance.

 Please adhere to the Special Holiday Rules:

 Only one skier/tuber is allowed to be pulled behind a watercraft all 3 Days.

                                                   Memorial Day Only – Monday May 30th

 Skiing is permitted from Sunrise to 10:00 AM then stop. You may return and ski from Noon to 2:00 PM

  1. PWCs are only allowed after 2:00 PM
  2. No wake surfing
  3. No sailboat starts before 8:00 AM or after 12:00 noon


     Visited with Lance McFarland from the Marina 27, to assist homeowners when mooring at the Marina docks, he has placed numbers on the sides designating mooring spaces for watercraft.  The thought behind this is to prevent especially pontoons parking in the first space ( west side ) they come to making it difficult for the next boat/pontoon to moor.  The watercraft is forced move around the already moored watercraft and move closer to the Marina Patio.  Please help with this situation and adhere to their parking policy.  Overall, it will make mooring safer and prevent hitting the docks and watercraft already moored.

      The sailors will be out in full force Memorial Day Weekend.  Their races will begin about 10:00 AM  each day and last about an hour and a half.  There usual course is usually running north and south to Goat Hill.   If there is a wind shift then they will run east and west.  A lot of homeowners enjoy watching the Regatta, but please make sure not to make wakes or disturb the race.  If you happen to get caught just go inside the 100 ft area and stall your watercraft between docks and wait for them to pass.  Never try and speed up and pass in front of them. When the fleets are racing, water patrol does not enforce counter-clock-wise, in fact we suggest you  move to the opposite side the sailboats are on…..but don’t speed.  Remember they have the right of way.  If you are skiing Saturday or Sunday during their race, it is highly suggested to go to the opposite end of the lake that they are sailing.  That way everyone will enjoy their own activity.

     Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend and boat safely.  Please take along a trash bag and put your empties and trash in it……NOT THE LAKE.    Have a good one.


     See ya!