5/25/22 – Patrolling the Pond

     Welcome to another week of rain and wind……..this has got to change soon……”pretty please.”

     Between some of the storms and a little sunshine, there have been a few boaters on the Pond cruising around the lake.  Seems like the only constant group are the dedicated fishermen of the Buddy Bass Group……..Brave or a Little Crazy!

     Eventually we will hit some nice weather and our summer can begin.  Let’s start thinking about boating and the safety of others when venturing out.  I’m going to make a list of complaints from last season……let’s see if we can clean some of this up?


 Watercraft not moving counter clock-wise……( already stopped three boats for being on the wrong side especially rounding Lions Point (  K block) and across the way in Z block.

  1. Speeding in and out of coves…..most complaints in Big Rock and Bandit
  2. Watercraft staying at least 50 ft from each other when overtaking
  3. Operating a watercraft through or near sailing competition (Sat & Sun)
  4. Plowing the Water
  5. Pulling someone on a tube in/through a cove……mostly at Goat Hill and the Marina Gas Pump
  6. Floating in the main body on a cushion or Lilly Pad not behind the Cove Buoys
  7. Ski Flags not visible in 360 degrees and Perpendicular
  8. Cutting in front or across of a watercraft on a fixed course …….to do this legally you need to be at a distance of at least 150 ft
  9. Flood/Mooring Lights being used (especially pontoons) on the main body
  10. Urinating visibly in front of people (Goat Hill)
  11. Throwing your trash in the water

      My personal Concern…………some individuals need driving lessons and how to operate their watercraft.  I inspected and moved some of the Cove Buoys….the tall cylinders with Lights on Top…….almost everyone of them have dents and scuff marks……two of the buoys look like a tank ran over them.  At the Marina 27 docks, I took several pics last fall of their condition…….dents, torn wood, and broken wood, rubber fenders torn loose.  Too many drivers come in way too fast to moor and do not have control of their vessel…….slow down, account for the wind drift.  Yes, the Marina is a business for us the public, but let’s take care of one of our Gems of Lotawana and be proud we have such a beautiful place to eat, drink and for many……Be Merry!

     By next issue we should be experiencing great weather…..Labor Day Weekend is approaching……remember the restricted rules for that weekend.  We’ll post them next issue.

     See Ya