5/13/20 – Patrolling the Pond

Warmer weather is fast approaching along with an increase in boating, this is a good thing until those few individuals want to do their “own thing.”

As a whole the majority of our residents are having a great time cruising the pond water skiing (way too cold for me!), fishing, sailing, and kayaking.  Our challenge again is individuals on PWCs. I’m not trying to single them out, however, our younger operators are not using good sense.  Examples:  playing chase with each other, traveling way too close to other watercraft, and recently trying to run over some of the duck/geese in the water.  I would love to try to understand what their thought process is.  We have one of the greatest lakes in Missouri and yet that is not good enough for some.  A new weapon to combat this behavior is not new but more boaters are using this device…..they are taking pictures and sending them to me so that I have a face and type of watercraft to pursue.  This will help the patrol get these individuals into check…..please keep sending.

I’ve only had to ask a handful of pontoons to not moor together, thank you. 

I observed the sailing buoys being set-up last week; maybe this is a sign that sailing will begin soon. Buddy Bass is on hold and hopefully this will resume as well. I know we are all anxious to have our lives return to normal.

Again, the Patrol will not be checking for 2020 boat decals till June; however, I know some individuals do have them so please put them in place.  If you have new watercraft to Lotawana, you will probably be stopped and checked.  New or old, all watercraft need to have their lot/block posted.  I’ve noticed that several watercrafts have changed ownership; please take off the old address and place the current lot/block in the proper location.  If you forget the placement, refer to the Lotawana Rules & Regulations Book and see the examples on page 40.

I will be coming around soon checking docking structures…..please make sure you have lot/block visible on the lake-side and you have a registration plate for each structure.  For those new to the lake, as an example……if you have a dock, a shore station, and two PWC lifts…… you would place all four plates on your main dock in a row.  More and more homeowners are placing PWC lifts on the backside of their dock by the catwalk.  If you have your registration plate there, it makes it almost impossible for me to check.  Placing them together gives me a heads up of how many structures you have, and I don’t have to go searching.  In the past some individuals have been very creative placing the plate almost under water, on a side support post or up in the rafter of the main dock.  If you have any questions or need help placing them call me.  I still would like to push having people purchase metal lot/block letters/numbers.  The stick-on ones last two to three years and either peel off or become worn due to weather/sun.  I purchased a brass set five years ago and they still look new…..just a suggestion.

Good news, the renovation of the Marina is back with permits in place. I know many of us are anxious to check out the renovated space and try out the food and drinks……I think we are all ready for summer and getting back to normal…..Say a prayer, wish upon a star, have Alan S. run around in his Speedo, and let’s get our Pond back to normal.

See ya!