4/22/20 – Patrolling the Pond

Yes, theses are rather depressing times; however, I’m sure we will make the most out of our situation and pray everything will be back to normal quickly.

On the upside, if one is to be confined to their home/local neighborhood, what better place than to live on a lake; we have so many activities we can do and keep our distance.

I have noticed that boating traffic has picked up quite a bit starting the last of March and with warmer weather approaching probably much more to come.  Our season on the water will begin a lot earlier than in past years, and of course the brave ones are already water skiing.

A few points to bring up since we are starting sooner this year.  One…….since the Association Office has  limited staff, the issuing of boat decals will be a little slower; however, the good news, if you have a 2019 decal on your watercraft the patrol will not stop you.  We are giving our residents a grace period and you will not be required to have the stickers in place till the first part of June.  Now if your watercraft does not display a 2019 decal you will be stopped and checked.  New watercraft to the lake is checked by Greg Rudder and me.  We keep a list of new application/inspections and will work off those.  Second Point……..everyone is to travel at all times counter-clock-wise.  Third…..lights bow and stern must be on after sunset.  We Follow the 30-minute rule or visibility.  Fourth……water skiing will follow the normal sunset rules as well.  Fourth AND MOST IMPORTANT……..until our virus crisis is over NO watercraft can tie up to each other.  You can anchor a few feet apart but no connecting of boats/pontoons……..this is especially true for Goat Hill –  Party Cove.  We all need to work together.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal by mid-June.

As usual, if you notice someone not using good judgement on the water call me ( 564-8250).  Already have had complaints of pontoons running too fast in and out of coves.

The gas docks should be up and running soon; I know that is a concern of many.

Stay safe and hope for the best…….See Ya on the Pond