5/12/21 – Patrolling the Pond

Finally getting warm weather and sunshine, summer is just around the corner.  Hopefully, everyone is gearing up for the Memorial Day Weekend……lots of action will be going on.

Please remember the holiday rules for boating:  On May 31st  skiing sunrise to 10:00 AM & stop.  Start again at noon and finalize at 2:00 PM……skiing is over for the day.  All three days one can only have 1 skier or tuber.  Sailing will be from 10:00 Am to Noon.  PWCs can enter the water at 2:00 PM……we always seem to have 2-3 individuals that dump their PWC in around Noon and want to take it to their home……Answer is “NO.”  You have before the holidays and Saturday and Sunday to launch.  All other watercrafts move around as usual.  The patrol will be looking for your 2021 registration sticker.  Please, I don’t want to hear, “It’s on the kitchen counter.”  If I had a dollar for every time I hear that excuse, I would be almost as rich as Alan Switzer.  By the way if anyone is knowledgeable in tying marine knots, please help Mr. Switzer since he seems to have a problem keeping his pontoon connected to a dock.

I’m already getting a little worried about the summer.  Stopped three boats for plowing and several individuals cutting by K-10 going in the wrong direction.  Just because traffic is limited so far does not mean you don’t need to follow the correct boat traffic pattern.  I hate writing citations for people who are just lazy or in their mind in a hurry.  I’m hearing more and more, “We are going to have a major accident out here.”  I hope NOT.

On another issue, already having problem at Goat Hill, especially on the Sunset side.  Had a pontoon with several people on board playing music with lots of 4 lettered words and a couple of ladies, shall we say……. dropping their bottoms and adding some extra H2O to our lake…….this is not the way to begin the season.  Especially our new residents, please be aware no matter what time of day or night, there is always someone out watching the lake and many are taking pictures of some of the activities.  I was sent a pic of one of the ladies in the above activity doing her thing.  That would be an interesting attachment to a citation, and I feel it would be embarrassing.  What do you think?

Another issue in Sunset Cove is the mooring of watercraft deep in the cove.  This is not illegal, but I had many complaints last season of boats anchoring too close to the docks in N block, playing inappropriate music and acting a bit foolish while there are children playing or swimming by their parent’s dock. Having a good time is fine, but use your head and do not leave bad impressions with our children.

Hopefully, everyone that has a trailer in the lot by Z block has their 2021 decal and lot/block posted plainly.  The Association is going to try and take every means possible to find owners of abandoned ones; however, after a period of time they will be removed.  There are several sitting up there with trees growing through them.  I would say, they have been there awhile.

The topic of shoreline buoys has come up and their placement.  Buoys should be no more than 100 ft from the property owner’s shoreline and plainly marked with lot/block.  I will be coming around soon measuring distance and adjusting some.  Another point to bring up, buoys placed in coves are not under the same restrictions as those placed on the main body.  Watercraft can move inside and outside of them; however, still being aware of swimmers in the water.  Buoys in coves can not hinder the movement of watercraft and can be moved or removed.  I understand why some homeowners place them in the cove to protect their swimmers and most boats do avoid them, but this is not the same as the main body as for limitations.

Stay safe and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  See Ya