12/1/20 – Association News

On behalf of all of the office staff and operations crew we trust each and every one of you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

The office staff is busy preparing the 2021 Annual Invoices for all members. Unlike past years, this billing will be sent out the first week in January, not in December. We are working on the finalization of incorporating the “Click Here To Pay” function with your billing so you can easily pay your invoice with a debit or credit card. Since the invoices will be sent out via emails, please be watching for an email from lotawanaassn@gmail.com. It is obviously very important that the Association office have your current email address on file so that you receive this information timely. For those of you who own multiple properties at the lake, please be aware that you will receive a separate email for each of your properties so be sure to open each one and not assume it is a repeat or mistake. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

After the annual invoicing project is completed, the office staff will then tackle the dock and membership registration. We are still in the process of considering different options to send this information electronically, so at least for 2021 you will still receive these forms via US Mail sometime in mid to late January.

As for the operations crew, they have been busy during the good weather days using the vacuum system cleaning out culvert and similar areas. In addition, they have been receiving and mixing sand and salt for winter road treatment. Similarly, they have been preparing the brine mix for pre-treatment of our roads should that process be necessary based upon the weather forecast. The crew is also working on routine maintenance of the Association equipment and dredge. Other than extraordinary repairs, all mechanic work is performed by our own crews rather than sending the repairs out to third parties to perform.

Last but not least is a review of the parkway or pathway tree removal. Each year the amount of $25,000 is budgeted for tree removal. Generally, tree removal is reserved for those trees that are dead. Since our budget is limited, we accumulate a list of trees to be considered for removal, submit that list to at least 3 contractors under a competitive bid process and then have the trees removed by the lowest qualified bidder. This year we identified 35 trees for removal. We will review the bids received and then determine the number of trees that can be removed.

Please call us at 816.578.4272 if you have any questions or we can otherwise be of any assistance. As always, you are welcome to call me at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net.

Continue to be safe! My grown children are sick of me always reminding them “you cannot turn back the hands of time”. But it is so true. Harold