11/25/20 – Association News

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! On behalf of the Association office and operations staff, Board of Directors and me please have a safe and enjoyable extended Holiday weekend!

The 2021 Association budget passed by a wide margin. The budget passed with 502 votes in favor and 240 against. The special assessment for roads reserve passed with 567 in favor and 179 against. Overall, 34% of eligible voters cast their vote for the budget and roads special assessment. Thank you very much for your support and attention to this important matter.

So, the transition time for Jan Olson has come to an end. As of November 17th Jan will end his part-time employment with the Association. As many of you know, Jan has had a long and rich involvement with the lake. He was President of the Board of Directors for almost 7 years before becoming the Executive Director in February of 2013. He guided us during the past 7 years through times of great change, tremendous growth and many issues. While he may not be employed here any longer, Jan has assured us that his love for the lake will not diminish and he will be available for me to call upon in times of need. Thank you Jan for all your years of service and dedication to the Association.

As for the review of the rules, please note that whenever you have a construction project that improves the outside of your house, lot or involves the parkway, you must submit a construction permit application to the Association for its review. While some matters can be approved by the office staff, many of them may have to be passed onto the Lake Improvement Board for consideration. Along with the application there will be a charge for road impact fees based upon the amount of materials and square footage of the project. We really appreciate your cooperation in this process.

If any of the Association staff can assist you, please call them at 816.578.4272. As always, you are welcome to call me at 913.305.7181 or email at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. We/I will always be glad to be at your service. The Association office will be closed Thanksgiving, as well as Friday and Saturday. If any urgent matters come up during that time do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again Happy Thanksgiving and be safe! Harold