10/26/22 – Association News

The budgeting process has reached its final stage of a vote by the members. The ballots and packets went out this week and the deadline to return your ballot(s) is Saturday, November 5th at noon if you do not plan to attend the annual budget meeting the following Tuesday evening. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the draft of the 2023 budget for your consideration. There are several increases contained in the budget, including Association general operational costs, dredging and roads. When you compare our dues and the many services the Associations provides to its members, we continue to be a great value for a lake community. Thank you for casting your vote and for those so inclined we look forward to seeing you in person at the annual budget meeting on November 8th.

One final mention of the Fall Cleanup Day of November 5th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This event is ONLY for items coming from Lake Lotawana Association members’ properties.

The recent drought has obviously caused the water level at the lake to be down considerably. Some people say this is the lowest they have seen it in the last two or three decades. With that comes several things to consider. First, there is no doubt the dredging of the coves is exacerbated by the low levels. We continue to push forward in our dredging efforts, which includes additional monies in the 2023 budget to remove silt from our major silt ponds. Another issue is the shallow water at the boat ramp. Please be careful not to damage your boat as you remove it from the lake. Finally, and this is not advice but merely an observation, as the lake level decreases the cables attaching your dock (those that have cables) to the shoreline may not have enough slack in them to provide for the proper movement and mooring of your dock. These stresses may cause damage to your seawall, dock or other attachment points. A review of your individual circumstance may be warranted.

We have recently hired two new full-time operations personnel to help perform all of the tasks necessary to maintain and improve the lake association community. We feal very fortunate to come across two very capable individuals to join our operations team.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we can be of help to you or answer your question(s). I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Continue to be safe! Harold