Lotawana Annual Tree Removal & Leaf Clean Up

Lotawana Tree Removal

Lake Lotawana Annual Tree Removal & Leaf Clean Up

Did you know the Association watches the health of the trees on the lake and road parkways closely? Each year, in late fall, any dead trees that are to be removed from Association property are marked with an X. We go out for bids and then get these marked trees taken down in November or December. The trees by the lake are felled with the wood and branches left down by the seawalls/water. Our Operations crew removes the debris via the work barge from the lake ideally yet this year if weather permits or sometimes not until the spring. The trees felled by the streets are removed by the contractor. We have gotten some calls about what does this X mean on a tree? It means it will be coming down for safety reasons. We do not want any dead trees to fall on homeowner’s docks or personal property.

Also, the operations crew will be starting to go around the lake and remove the leaves from the ditches.

These are just a few of the many things the Association Operations crew does to keep the common areas safe and looking good for the homeowners!

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