Life Preserver Rules


Each Watercraft (ALL boats whether motorized or non-motorized) shall have a life preserver (vest, ski belt, buoyant cushion, or ring buoy) for each person aboard the Watercraft.  Flotation devices shall be in serviceable condition and readily accessible. (3 pts.)  Water Patrol wants to emphasize that all users of stand-up paddle boards should be wearing a PFD since there is no place on the paddle board to store one.  Also note that kayak operators should be wearing a PFD or have one in the kayak with them.

  1. Each person on a PWC shall wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD: Type I, II, III or V. (3 pts.)
  2. Any person on water skis or similar device (wake board, knee board, tube etc.), shall wear a PFD, designed to withstand the impact of hitting the water at high speed. A ski belt is not an acceptable flotation device for skiing. (3 pts.).
  3. Any person under the age of 13, as a passenger or Operator of a boat and not under direct adult supervision, shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD, Type I, II, III or V (3 pts.).