Lake Lotawana Association Annual Membership Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

7:30 pm

Church of Jesus Christ, Colbern Road Restoration Branch, Gate 2

Don’t miss the Annual Membership Meeting!  At the meeting this year, a Director will be elected for a two-year term from each odd-numbered district.  The Treasurer will present an overview of our 2017 ending financial position and a preview of our finances for 2018.  The committees of the Association will report on what was accomplished in 2017 and their plans for the coming year.  Members have the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors and to express their concerns and opinions.  An important part of each Annual Meeting is a show of appreciation for the dedicated volunteers who keep our Association alive and well.

If you are in a voting district, please return your ballot envelope to the Association office by close of business on Saturday (12:00 pm), March 10, 2018.  Ballots received in the mail after Saturday noon or brought by hand to the Annual Meeting cannot be counted, as directed by the Association Bylaws.  Simply mark your ballot, seal it in the ballot envelope, sign the envelope and mail or deliver it to the Association by March 10, 2018. Please ONLY INCLUDE YOUR BALLOT in the ballot envelope (NO payments, please).

We’ll see you at the meeting!

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