Dock Electrical Inspections for 2018

Dock electrical inspections are underway for 2018.  MAKE SURE THE ELECTRICITY IS TURNED ON AT YOUR DOCK SO THAT THE ELECTRICAL INSPECTION CAN OCCUR.  Please leave your electricity on for the next 30-60 days.  You can always call us to see if your dock inspection has been completed.  The inspectors have started at A block and are going around the lake.

WARNING-The use of electrical cords to power your lifts on docks is not allowed except for on a temporary basis.  This means you take the cord out, plug it in to lower your lift, remove the cord and roll it up and take it off the dock before you go out in your boat.  Repeat the procedure upon return, taking the electrical cord back up to house with you.  Cords cannot be left on docks.  Unfortunately, we have already seen some failed dock inspections due to the use of electrical cords for power.  You will only get one courtesy citation for the use of an electrical cord left plugged into the dock.  Any subsequent violations will result in 6 points each.

Please continue to care for the electricity on your dock in the required manner to keep our lake safe for all to use!