Dock Electrical Inspections for 2018

Did you know that Lake Lotawana has 2,340 different docking structures, and about 1,000 of those have electrical power?

Dock electrical inspections and re-inspections are still in process.  About half of the failed inspections so far are due to power being off and the inspectors not being able to test the shut-offs.  Please leave your power on and make sure that the inspectors have access to your docks.

If your dock fails you will be notified by the office and you will need to MAKE REPAIRS AND LET THE OFFICE KNOW YOU ARE READY FOR A RE-INSPECTION WITHIN 30 DAYS TO AVOID POINTS.  You can call the office 2-3 weeks after you’ve requested a reinspection to see if your dock passed.

Together we can all make sure our lake is safe!