Association News – 12/14/22

Here we are – already in December and this year is about to be put in the history books. The staff and crew want to express their thanks for being allowed to take a 4-day get away from their Association duties during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We trust you enjoyed your time with family and friends as much as we did.

Part of the operations crew has been focusing on leaf cleanup around the lake. Thank you for not making this process more difficult by depositing your leaves into the ditches. In addition, there were several instances where lawn company crews were depositing or blowing leaves into the lake. That practice is not allowed. All of us must be respectful and mindful of the best interests of the lake environment.

As we come to the close of 2022, we note that home sales were down by over 60% as compared to last year based upon the waivers we have signed this year. Lake Improvement Board submissions were down slightly.

As you may have noted in President Jeff Clemow’s letter to the members, Ron DesCombes has retired after over three decades of service to our lake and community. It goes without saying that Ron will be missed and most assuredly things will change moving forward. Ron not only cared deeply about the safety of our lake, he also was the animal patrol officer when animals were found in the lake, “Ron’s tow service” when boats ran out of gas, and a whole list of duties that were filled well beyond the duties expected of him as our main patrol official. Thank you, Ron, for your decades of service to this lake community! Please call me in the coming months with any questions or requests until the next safety official is found.

DID YOU KNOW: Earlier this year the Board of Directors approved a new Mission Statement for the Association:

The mission statement of the Lake Lotawana Association is to preserve and improve

The Lake Lotawana Community experience of a safe, relaxing, natural, friendly small-

Town atmosphere by providing excellent, efficient and pleasant service to our members.

The Association team is committed to this statement and will do our best to live by these guiding principles. We will sometimes fail but will strive to become better in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Please call 816.578.4272 if we help to you or answer your question(s). I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at Be safe! Harold