11/24/21 – Association News

A little less than 100 members attended the November 9th annual budget meeting. Approximately 15-20 comments or questions were raised during the meeting. Some of the questions fell into the purview of the financial statements verses the budget. In those instances, a signup sheet was provided to those members who wanted more information and we followed up with them to review their concerns. In the end the total budget votes tallied 69% in favor of the proposed budget. Similarly, the road reserve special assessment passed with 67% of the vote. The votes cast at the meeting by those members in attendance were 60% in favor. The road reserve vote passed at 61%. Thank you very much for your support of the Association and to those members who took the time to send in their absentee ballots or attend the meeting in person. With the budget process behind us the team will next focus on annual billing, year-end planning, salt and sand delivery, the March 2022 Annual Meeting and so many other aspects of providing services to you, the members.

We are working to review the requirements when new installation of hard surface driveways/similar flat structures are constructed on properties, along with the associated watershed impact, if any, they have on the Association roads and neighboring areas. Specifications are necessary to cover the wide range of scenarios that will be encountered as construction permit applications are received by the office. Factors being considered are obviously the entire surface area of the new construction, as well as the slope and the surrounding areas that will include the existing contours of the street and culverts.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each of you from all of the employees and Board of Directors of the Association. While there are so many things in life that can distract us from our focus on thankfulness, hopefully we will take the time to look at the many good things in our lives and enjoy them with family and friends during the Holiday weekend. In so many ways we are so blessed!

The office will be closed on Thanksgiving, as well as Friday and Saturday. The office will reopen for business on Tuesday, November 30th. Otherwise, we remain available at 816.578.4272 if we can help answer any questions, concerns or perhaps resolve a problem. Please also feel free to call me directly with any concerns or comments at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net, even during the days in which the office is closed for the Holiday. Be safe! Harold