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10/9/19 – Association News

The 2020 final budget is working its way through the process of approval by the Board of Directors.  Once approved by the Board, we will send out ballots for the entire membership to vote on it at the full membership meeting on November 12th.  We expect there to be three ballots.  One is for the Annual Budget. The Budget Committee is asking for a slight increase in dues in order to maintain a balanced budget.  One of the things we’ve heard from the membership this past year is that many would prefer an increase in dues rather than an increase in user fees for things like boats, trailers docks etc.  There will be no increase in any of those licensing fees.  Also, it has been suggested that in order to be more aggressive in funding our future road resurfacing, that we save the money that is collected as “road impact fees” in our Roads Reserve account rather than stick it in the operating budget to pay for regular yearly maintenance. 

There will also be two Special Assessment ballots this year. After funding the barge project, the new operations/water patrol docks and the repairs to the spillway over the last three years, it is time to focus on the roads.  The Budget Committee will be asking for a $100 Special Assessment for the Roads Reserve Fund to finance our future paving and another $100 for the Capital Improvement Fund to pay for a road “survey” plus engineering and repairs to a couple of the major culverts around the Lake.  This wet year has made it rather apparent that we need to start paying more attention to how efficiently our culverts work. 

Plan now to attend the Annual Budget Meeting on Tuesday night November 12th where all will be explained in detail.  Ballots will be going in the mail about the time you’re reading this column.  You can mail in or drop off your ballots at the Association office or vote them in person at the meeting.  We hope to see you there!

If you’ve been following along on Facebook it’s becoming obvious that crime in our community is becoming an issue again.  It’s being suggested once again that the Association consider “gating” our subdivision.  When that was researched several years ago the cost estimate was staggering.  Those of us who have spent the last month trying to balance the current budget are very aware of how difficult funding that project would be.  Unfortunately, property crime has become a way of life, particularly due to the unique circumstances we have here.  A gentle reminder to lock up your stuff is in order.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

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