9/8/21 – Patrolling the Pond

I can’t believe the weather on the Pond these last four weekends. It’s like we are in paradise……..high 80’s to low 90’s, little wind, and water temp is perfect for August and there are just a handful of watercraft moving around the lake.  Goat Hill hasn’t even been busy; however, I believe everyone is enjoying this solitude and the moment.

Some interesting situations are still popping up around our community.  The Marina seems to be the top attraction.  As stated before, watching watercraft mooring is almost comical, and now with the large TV above the bar and cameras outside one can sit back have their favorite beverage and watch the show.  In the beginning of the season the docks were all painted nice and black with pop-sickle sticks and solar lighting.  Just observe how many gashes and gouges appear.  At least two pop -sickle sticks have been replaced.  The gas docks are holding up a bit better, but the plastic uprights are being torn off with people backing out of the docks carelessly.  Last weekend I had to go over and lift the gas hose out of the water twice.  How does one do that?  The number one way of mooring better, especially pontoon owners……don’t come into the dock so fast, slow down 50 ft from the docks and glide to your mooring spot.  Usually, your stern is out a bit, so put your boat into reverse and reverse your steering wheel…..magically the stern will come up nicely beside the dock.  The KEY, move slowly and stay in control of your watercraft, same approach when leaving.

I noticed on Lake Rats an individual took a video of a watercraft plowing down the lake.  Now I wasn’t there, but it appeared the boat was somewhat toward the middle of the lake.  FYI…….the patrol does enforce plowing and points, but only if a watercraft is near the 100 ft buoys.  Anyone that lives on the main portion of the lake can vouch about the damage plowing does to their structures when watercraft are that close to docks.   I mentioned in an earlier article, especially inboards and IOs, if you are moving between 10-15 mph by the 100 ft buoys, the patrol will ask you to slow down or speed up or move to the middle of the lake.  This also does great damage to docks as well.

Our community is still changing, just in August 11 homes sold with some new owners.  We need to stay vigilant and educate our newer residents.  I’m still asking the neighbors to go by and introduce yourselves and take these individuals out for a nice ride around the lake explaining and demonstrating good boating habits.  Some homeowners are still confused what a Family Member is in relation to being on a watercraft.  The order is as follows:  grandparent(s), parent(s), spouse(s), son and daughter in-law, child(ren) and grandchild(ren).  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE……. brother, sister, aunt or uncle.

We are seeing more and more trespassers on our properties in the past three years, and it is increasing as the area around us is slowly closing in.  Please remember, if you are building a new structure or remodeling one…….the contractor, sub-contractors, and laborers cannot fish-swim off your docks-seawalls unless a family member is present with them.  This also includes homeowners having friends out to fish-swim…….a family member must be there.

Saw some nice wooden boats moored at the Marina 27 (Aug 29th).  I believe everyone is getting geared up for the Wood Boat Show Saturday, September 11th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  The fleet on our Pond is slowly growing.  Especially the younger generation have not witnessed these beautiful watercraft……come one come all to this event.

I know our Buddy Bass fisherman were excited last week……. The May’s team pulled in a 6 pounder……..nice catch!

Hopefully Labor Day Weekend will be great with the winding down of summer, but some of the best boating is in September and October.

See Ya