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9/25/19 – Association News

There’s been a lot of buzz on Facebook lately regarding mosquitoes and gnats here at the Lake.  Some are saying that the Association or the City should be more active in controlling these annoying insects.  I won’t debate the pros and cons of using insecticides in a lake community such as ours.  I remember when the city trucks would go by and spray malathion in the ditches for mosquito control and I remember the smell and the bad feedback that we got from some members because of it.  It is not a good solution for a lot of reasons. 

There are a few common-sense solutions.  Mosquitoes lay their eggs in small stagnant pools or puddles of water.  They generally do not reproduce in large bodies of water such as the Lake.  As I drive around, I see lots of opportunities for mosquito hanky-panky, not the least of which are small pools of water that form in depressions in boat covers.  Any small puddle of water will attract mosquitoes to breed.  Eliminate these and you’ll eliminate a lot of the problem.  If that’s not practical you can easily find a biological control commonly called “mosquito dunks,” which is a small donut shaped wafer that contains a bacillus bacterium that is selective to mosquito larvae.  Also, bats and purple martins can be encouraged to nest by building houses for them around the lake.  An adult bat can eat up to 500 mosquitoes per hour.  I’m told other lake communities such as ours have virtually eliminated their mosquito problems using bat houses.  I have a nest of purple martins in my covered boat dock and we’ve not gotten a single mosquito bite this year.

As the season winds down, a few gentle reminders are in order.  We have had a rash of complaints about “structures” on Association property and the common area (the parkway).  It seems like common sense that an individual might be reluctant to make improvements on the property of others, yet it happens all too frequently.  I understand the desire to set up a few lawn chairs on the parkway in order to enjoy the Lake “up close and personal.”  However, some feel like it’s okay to take it to the next level by putting in what can only be described as a patio.  It’s not okay to put up short walls with landscape timbers or rock necklaces and fill in an area with concrete, rock, sand or mulch.  Trampolines, fire pits, fences or playhouses will all be considered as structures by the Board of Directors.  In these cases, it is not better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.  It can only lead to heartache, expense and bad will (not to mention a few points).

Finally, businesses like Airbnb have become very trendy in the 21st Century.  It seems like a perfect situation for a nice little lake community such as ours.  Unfortunately, the Deed of Restrictions clearly states, “Said premises shall not be leased or rented to any person without the written consent of the Grantor.”  This includes over-night rentals.  If you advertise on the aforementioned website (or others like it) somebody will see it and we’ll get a phone call.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at or call the office at 578-4272.