8/23/17 - Patrolling the Pond

8/23/17 – Patrolling the Pond

Still can’t believe this weather in August and it continues. I see lots of homeowners are taking advantage of the weather by going on slow cruises and visiting at Goat Hill. Buddy Bass and Sailing are still going strong. Feel a little sorry for the sailors; the winds have not been real favorable this season. Sunday, August 13th, was truly a great day to race. Both the MC and C Fleets had outstanding wind and races; hopefully, this will hold true on Labor Day Weekend. The Pond still has low traffic, but those who are out are really enjoying themselves. We are currently having problems with thefts. If you have a boat box on your dock, lock it. I highly suggest putting small locks on your lifts and please DO NOT leave your boat keys in your boat. Jackson County Sheriff did apprehend an individual that had taken items and a kayak off the lake. If you have had vandalism to your dock or watercraft, please contact the Association/Water Patrol and the Lotawana Police Department and file a report. The gas bandits have not been too active this summer, but do not leave loose gas cans on your dock especially the expensive ones. If you can afford one, I highly suggest purchasing a camera, even an inexpensive deer camera from Bass Pro ( $60.00) and mount on your dock. If you see anyone that you do not recognize on the common area or on docks, call the Association/Water Patrol and the Police Department. We still have our share of off lake individuals that fish off our common areas; the ironic part is that our homeowners are telling these people it is okay because they are friends. Remember, if you have a guest/s out, a homeowner or immediate family must be present with the guest/s at all times. I have three concerns with watercraft right now. Pontoons are flying their ski flag in the middle of the watercraft or off the Bimini top. Pontoons MUST fly their ski flag off the bow first. It should be 2 foot above the seats so that it is highly visible. I see several individuals have purchased 5-6 ft. fiberglass rods and have mounted them perfectly. If the bow flag is not highly visible, then one must also have a flag on the stern. A pontoon is Not a ski boat. We allow ski boats to mount their flags on the tower. Second concern: pontoons are still using their FLOOD LIGHTS at night. You only use your red/green lights on the bow and your stern light. Flood lights are only used to mooring/docking your watercraft. Last point: this has to do with a rule that many individuals do not follow. In the hierarchy of Right- ofWay…ALL POWER BOATS SHALL YIELD THE RIGHT-OF-WAY TO A VESSEL RETURNING TO RETRIEVE A DOWNED SKIER IN THE WATER. I’m sure some individuals do this; however; this is the first time that I have witnessed a watercraft actually stop behind the fallen skier and shielded them to oncoming traffic until the homeowner’s boat returned to pick up the individual. I believe it was a gentleman in U block in his pontoon. Thank you for taking the time and being courteous. Labor Day Weekend is approaching and it will be the last hurrah for some since summer is coming to an end and school has started in most districts. Let’s be safe and enjoy this special weekend. We still have the C Boat Regatta and the Wood Boat/Cruising/and Fun coming up in September.

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