8/22/18 – Patrolling the Pond

Kids are back in school and the lake is moving into its gentle mood, really the past five weekends, traffic has been rather slow; however, I’m not complaining.   

Events to look forward to in September are Labor Day weekend, the C Boat Regatta, and the Wood Boat Classic.  The weather will be cooling down a bit and should be great for all to enjoy. 

Guess I spoke too soon, the Gas Bandit has struck for the first time this summer taking almost 50 gallons.  The homeowner says the gas cap was pried off.  From experience, I would say this is the work of an adult.  I suggested to the individual that he should purchase a dock camera/deer camera and hopefully this will prevent this from happening again or maybe catch a glimpse of the person(s) responsible for the theft.

Even though it’s mid-August, Buddy Bass, sailing, and the Lotawana Ski Club are still very active, but imagine those activities will soon end for the season. Cruising the lake in October and into November can still be very enjoyable.  Next thing we know it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and we will all be having “cabin fever.”

How about a New Year’s Resolution early?????  I won’t have to write any citations for missing watercraft decals, lot/block and license plates on docks for 2019.   Who am I kidding!  Seriously, for Christmas, ask Santa for metal screw on lot/block letters-numbers for your dock.  The stick-on decals fade within a season or two or fall off.  I put mine on my dock three years ago and they still look new.  One can order them on-line.  I’ll present you with one source:  RPM Hardware, Cerritos, CA  909-594-1245.  Three inch brass numbers:  $3.29……..three inch brass letters:  $2.09 – $5.38.

Still have three issues on the lake.  One- speeding into and out of Big Rock.  (The patrol caught one from a citizen complaint.)   Two- still seeing suction cup ski flags……NO!  Three- inboards plowing around the lake.  I stopped one individual last Saturday, he had no idea what plowing was.

Okay, you individuals that need a ski flag holder:  boats with towers……..I-Boats, KWIK TEG Flag Holder  $56.99………..Amazon……..Flag Buddy  $24.95……..Pontoons…..Amazon   Scotty 243 BK  Rack Mount   $10.09.   The Association also has available for you ski flags and chrome holders for sale.  I am sure there are other resources out there. 

I stopped my second individual within a week for driving a watercraft who wasn’t a resident, just a friend.  I feel sorry for these people, they are totally unaware they can’t drive a boat or a PWC on our lake.  I keep telling them it’s not their fault….it’s the FAULT of the homeowner telling them it’s okay to run a watercraft on Lotawana.  Wake up people, you are putting your lake rights in jeopardy having this care free attitude.  Your friends do not know or understand our lake rules and regulations.  This isn’t the Lake of the Ozarks where anything is possible!

And how was your week?    See ya!