7/25/18 – Patrolling the Pond

Wow……..what a 4th of July Fireworks Show.  It has to be one of the best ever on the Pond and I have to say we had a record crowd of watercraft on hand, well over 1,000 boats.  Over-all it was a good holiday.  It was a little strange, the 4th on Wednesday and then following weekend was observed.  Many residents took advantage of the five-day holiday.

The patrol only had a few citations which is good, but there are some individuals that really do not apply common sense.  Our first episode was the closing of the dam road.  Now everyone knows that the dam is closed at 5:00 PM so the shooters can set up trailers and prepare for the show.  On the north end there are barricades and the police standing there, no problem; however, the south end became a challenge.  The Association sets up barricades across the entire road to prevent traffic from entering the dam area, but to my surprise six cars decided they did not like the blockage and either moved them out of their way or drove around on the grass.  This was to no avail, they all had to turn around or back up the hill.  One of the best responses from an individual to me was, “It doesn’t look like a real barricade.” The next issue did bother me a lot.  About half an hour before the show, many individuals were in the water swimming or floating.  This is not usually a problem because in the past everyone stayed close to their watercraft, but this year several were 30-40 ft away from their boat.  I had to warn two sets of individuals twice to move closer to their craft.  With over 1,000 boats anchored or floating, this was not a good idea.

The number one citizen complaint this summer, it comes in two parts…………part one, too many watercraft are speeding into coves especially Big Rock and Sunset, not just speeding but traveling almost the length into and back.  Part two, when residents shout out for them to slow down, they are greeted with, “#@*%  You” or given the old traditional hand signal.  Please, if you can obtain the speeders lot/block and description of the watercraft.  Call me, I will not use your name, it’s a citizens’ complaint.  Then the patrol or the Association can have a “Come to Jesus” talk with these individuals.  We do not need this type of activity on the Pond.

A new concern arose a couple of weeks ago, lights on docks. Most of us homeowners do have some type of lighting be it electrical or solar; however, some of these are creating a problem.  Our rules state, “Lights should not be used in any fashion that invades the privacy of others.”  In a nutshell, the objection to some lights, they present a hazard to boating or are objectionable to other residents.  If one ventures out after dark on the water, you will find most of houses/boat docks are lighted.  Many are applied tastefully, but some are glaring, and some homeowners leave their lights on their docks on all night.   This is not to say you can’t have your lights on when you are out boating or swimming.  Just respect your neighbors and individuals who are cruising at night.  The Board of Directors are currently looking into this matter.  If you have a concern or a possible solution, please contact your district director or phone the Association.

Hopefully everyone had a great Lotawana Day and See Ya on the Pond.