7/10/19 – Patrolling the Pond

Summer has finally arrived, boating and activities are picking up, and everyone is starting to enjoy the Lake.

I finally finished my round of checking docks for lot/block and registration plate(s).  As usual way too many citations had to be written.  I still stress:  purchase metal letters online; they will last so much longer than the stick-on.  Between the sun and weather the stick-on letters and numbers last two to three years and then wear off.  It still seems that too many homeowners will not take 5 minutes and check their dock and boats for proper lot/block and decals.  You’re all adults, it’s your choice, but three points against your residence is truly not needed.

The 4th of July will be over and hopefully I can report a great holiday took place with no instances on the Pond.

Crowds are starting to pick up at Goat Hill which is great; however, a few boaters are starting to anchor deeper in Sunset Cove and a little too close to docks and hindering traffic flow.  I have had several complaints of music being played that is a bit off-color.  Remember, there are a lot of kids playing and swimming on that end of the lake, no need to be exposed to that type of music.  The patrol will ask you to change your choices.  Midnight is still the “witching hour” when all loud activities/music/yelling/screaming stops.  Respect your neighbor’s peace.

I’ve talked with several residents during the past week; their concerns are the pattern of people driving watercraft with the “me” attitude.  I witnessed that last Sunday during sailing.  There were six sailboats clustered together by E block and naturally there was little wind.  A boat approached determined to go by them with his wake.  I stopped him and informed the driver that the sailboats had the right-of-way and they needed to wait a little bit then they could pass.  Their response was “I have to get home.”  So, it was okay to make a wake less than 20 feet from a dock and the sailboats……Not.  A lady today expressed her concern as I was towing her home, “People are not displaying common courtesy while boating anymore.” 

Just the opposite, I’ve had conversation with several parents who have children from ages 10 to 15 and they are amazed how conscious these young people are about safe boating.  Way to go, kids!

Still too many boaters are on the wrong side of the lake when going to the Marina/boat ramp.  At least move to the middle and allow (by the dam) out-coming traffic (if they are there or not) their space when moving westward into the main body.  I’ve moved sail buoy number one to the middle of the Pond……still many drivers gauge the middle of the lake by the sailing markers.  They are not accurate.  Buoy number one was 40 yards off center.  It’s not perfect but way closer to the center of the lake from the east-west direction.

Please do not overload your watercraft with people.  If you look, usually by the steering wheel is a plate that lists the capacity of people/weight.  Had a small fishing boat with 11 individuals on board.  When checking their capacity plate, there was none.  Patrol estimated 8 people and required three individuals to ride home in the patrol boat.  They were not too happy.  Especially pontoons, I know some are rated for 15-18 capacity, but remember, you the homeowner are responsible for flotation devices for each member on the craft.  We do a spot check every so often when many people are on a watercraft.

Stay safe and hopefully everyone had a great 4th!

See ya.