6/28/17 Association News

All the planning for the 4th of July fireworks show is completed. We expect another great show. A few reminders are in order. The dam road will be closed for setup sometime around 5:00 pm on Tuesday and will not reopen until cleanup is done (usually around 11:00 pm.) Every year we have a few that insist that we open the gates to let them through. It is not only a safety issue, but it is a legal one as well. Please provide your guests with alternate routes (Gate 7) to avoid confusion. The rain date is set
for Wednesday, July 5th. The holiday schedule for sailing, skiing and PWCs will be in effect on Tuesday, July 4th and the new rule prohibiting more than one skier or tuber will be in effect Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. To prepare for the fireworks, Water Patrol will close the Lake to PWCs at 8:00 pm. Any questions …. please call the office. And there is still time to donate to the Fireworks Fund if you haven’t already. We do not use operating funds to pay for the show and the bigger the fund, the bigger the show. A great big Thank You! to all who have donated. If you recall my column in the last issue of this
newspaper, it alluded to the “ruling documents” of the Association. We hear quite often that there are (a) just too many rules, (b) the rules are just too confusing and (c) I didn’t know that was against the rules. All the aforementioned “ruling documents” are posted on the website. We give paper copies of all of them to every new member and copies are available in the office for
anyone who asks for them. Now I can’t do anything about (a) but I can use this column to communicate the rules and clarify what they mean. It seems one of the most confusing concepts is that of “the Parkway,” which is the “common area” that separates the Lake from the member’s property. Many of the disputes between neighbors and between the membership and
the Association involve the Parkway. It is not okay to make permanent improvements on or changes to the Parkway without permission. This includes planting or removing trees, building patios or fire pits, placing trampolines or putting up fences or retaining walls. A permit application is required, and if you’re unsure of the lines between your property and the Parkway, you
will need a survey. At the last Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that we would begin dredging operations in Sunset
Bay as soon as possible while we’re making improvements to Silt Basin #6. Dredging of Sunrise Bay will commence once Silt Basin #6 is completed either late this fall or early next spring. Finally, we have had several reports of stolen gas and other mischief on the Lake front. If you see anything suspicious, please contact Water Patrol at 816-564-8250.

Please have a very safe and very happy Independence Day!
Submitted by: Jan T. Olson – Executive Director
If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at jollassn@earthlink.net or call the office at 578-4272